What Is the Snake Diet, and Is It Safe?

Snake Diet

Are you tired of fad diets that promise a lot but do not produce any results? Has the 30 minutes HIIT(high-intensity interval training) workout routine made you eat even more than you did previously? I am not setting you up for a new exercise plan, but my intention with this post is to make you aware of how we humans have taken food for granted, and we don’t need to work as hard to get it, thus, we don’t respect it anymore. A snake diet makes you aware of your body’s metabolic processes. How is my respect for food linked with the snake diet?  On his website, the inventor of the snake diet, Cole Robinson, how in the past, humans have survived with a massive scarcity of food. There was a time when humans were lucky to find food once or twice a week. But still, they managed to evolve the way they did. How is this possible when today’s nutritionists ask us to eat healthy food all day long and starvation or fasting is considered bad for health?  The secret lies in the sugar stored in the liver. When we eat food, it is converted into either sugar(stored in […]

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