Miraculous Intervention Of Exercises On The Body

People are less active nowadays, partly because technology has made our lives easier. We drive cars or take public transport. Machines wash our clothes. We entertain ourselves in front of a TV or computer screen. Fewer people are doing manual work, and most of us have jobs that involve little physical effort. Work, house chores, shopping and other necessary activities are far less demanding than for previous generations.We move around less and burn off less energy than people used to. Research suggests that many adults spend more than seven hours a day sitting down, at work, on transport or in their leisure time.

The benefits of exercise extend far beyond weight management. Research shows that regular exercise can help reduce your risk for several diseases and health conditions and improve your overall quality of life.
Regular exercise can help protect you from the following health problems.

  • Heart Disease and Stroke : Daily exercise can help prevent heart disease and stroke by strengthening your heart muscle, lowering your blood pressure, raising your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels (good cholesterol) and lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels (bad cholesterol), improving blood flow, and increasing your heart’s working capacity. Optimizing each of these factors can provide additional benefits of decreasing the risk for Peripheral Vascular Disease.
  • High Blood Pressure : Regular exercise can reduce blood pressure in those with high blood pressure levels. Exercise reduces body fat, which is associated with high blood pressure.
  • Noninsulin-Dependent Diabetes : By reducing body fat, exercise can help to prevent and control this type of diabetes.
  • Obesity : Exercise helps to reduce body fat by building or preserving muscle mass and improving the body’s ability to use calories. When exercise is combined with proper nutrition, it can help control weight and prevent obesity, a major risk factor for many diseases.
  • Back Pain : By increasing muscle strength and endurance and improving flexibility and posture, regular exercise helps to prevent back pain.
  • Osteoporosis : Regular weight-bearing exercise promotes bone formation and may prevent many forms of bone loss associated with aging.
  • Self Esteem And Stress Management : Studies on the psychological effects of exercise have found that regular physical activity can improve your mood and the way you feel about yourself. Researchers have found that exercise is likely to reduce depression and anxiety and help you to better manage stress.
  • Disability : Running and aerobic exercise have been shown to postpone the development of disability in older adults.

To stay healthy, adults should try to be active daily and aim to achieve at least 5 hours of exercise over a week through a variety of activities. Stay Healthy !!!

Has exercise really helped you in anyway ? Tell us how in the comment section.

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