Some Extended Benefits Of Eye Tests Worth Knowing

“Eye exams go beyond just the usual vision-related issues, therefore, businesses should be encouraged to provide a good eye-care policy for all employees”

Occupational eye-care has long been a crucial and integral part of health industry holding global acceptance as well as far-reaching implications. As a result, a comprehensive eye examination can now be included in many occupational eye-care schemes with greater benefits.

Groundbreaking and innovative technology allow even the most qualified optometrists to view rear part of the eye, retina and take digital images for a thorough and better treatment. This is the only portion of the body where microcirculation of the blood can be observed directly thus revealing signs of various eye diseases and greater health problems.

Fundus cameras or digital retinal cameras in simple terms allow opticians to view and capture high-quality images of the retina for further study and comparison over time. When having an eye test particularly, more or less all eye hospitals utilise the latest display screen equipment for in-depth examination for better treatment.

Who can benefit?
According to the 1992 Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations, employees using VDUs (Visual Display Units) are good to have their eyes tested as well as a request for glasses. Today, any employee who requires prescription lenses in safety eyewear would need to visit a qualified optometrist.

Virtually, all employees can benefit from the company-funded eyecare and the significant distinction here is for employers to ensure their staff is catered with the best and comprehensive service.

Symptoms identified
All screening services that utilise fundus cameras are able to monitor serious and often lethal illnesses and health conditions such as;
– diabetes
– cardiac diseases
– eye cancer; melanoma for instance
– high cholesterol
– brain tumours
– detached retina
– glaucoma
– hypertension

Implications for employees are obvious as well. With almost all the staff receiving retinal screening as part of corporate eye-care, potentially serious threats related to the eyes can be detected through simple tests that might just prove life-saving.

Employers are at a great advantage as well! Corporate eye-care is available at a much low cost and with it, retinal screening is offered at the price of a full eye examination. Companies can save millions each year in terms of lost working time.

Hypertension (high blood pressure) can be discovered through retinal screening thus mitigating the annual number of patients suffering from the disease and it underlying symptoms. Diabetes and certain cardiac illnesses also raise the risk of vision impairment especially blurred eye view.

Eye test in Dubai offers value for money
Benefits for both employees and employer are clear; comprehensive eye check-ups are available at an inexpensive cost so the company head can easily register all the employees willing to have their vision checked. Whereas for employees, they’ve this ultimate chance of having their eye test in Dubai with state-of-the-art features and facilities!

Regular eye examination nowadays is crucial for improved vision as well as to avoid pertinent lethal ailments so having a corporate package is the best option to consider.


  • A lot I learned from this article. This writer is well composed. Good job.

  • Nice one bro, i love this. keep it up sire.

  • Dr. Kingscheta

    I do recommend this, the fact the word eye test increases what do you think is the best in getting best eye sight? Eye examination is secondary aspect of eye effects test but I do encourage healthy foods like foods for the eye

  • Thanks for pointing out that sight tests can also find out if you have things like a detached retina, glaucoma, or diabetes. My vision has been a bit fuzzy lately, and I want to find a way that I could fix that or at least learn what is wrong. I’ll have to find somewhere to get a sight test from.

    • It will be good if you can get a nearby eye centre or hospital to get yourself checked as soon as possible so that you can get to know what is wrong before it gets worse.

      Thank you for visiting the blog.

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