Tips for Healthy Sleep during Pregnancy

Nothing can compare to the feeling a woman gets when she finds out that she will be having a little bundle of joy to hold and cuddle soon. The preparations start for the arrival of the little angel, who will change the life of the woman forever. But the feeling of pure happiness starts to fade as the pregnancy progresses further and that is mainly due to the sleep issues that come with it. A disturbed sleep at night does not exactly result in a chirpy mom-to-be ready for some baby shopping and baby showers!

Getting a decent amount of sleep can be a problem for the mom-to-be. As the pregnancy progresses, bladder control, fatigue, soreness and raging hormones serve as an obstacle to a good night’s sleep. But fear no more, as we will be guiding you on how to improve the quality and duration of your sleep. Here are our ten best tips to help you snooze through the night without waking up:
1. Exercise Regularly!
Exercise is a must, even during your pregnancy. It helps improve your mood and posture. It also helps relieves backaches and prevents gestational diabetes. It also builds up your stamina and makes labor and delivery easier. But all things aside, it also helps prevent stress and anxiety build up, which is often linked to poor sleep. Make sure you consult with your Gynaecologist before starting an exercise routine. It’s better to keep it light like walking and some light yoga poses.
2. No to Naps!
During pregnancy, women feel the urge to nap frequently during the day because of tiredness and day time sleepiness. But naps during the day time should be avoided at all costs because they would interfere with your bedtime schedule and make getting shut eye difficult for you at night time. If you must nap, nap for a very short period of time to avoid lying in bed like a zombie at night!
3. Avoid Caffeine!
This is a must! Avoid taking any sort of drink that contains caffeine before bed. Stay away from alcohol, smoking and any sort of drink that contains caffeine. Taking any one of these before bed time can affect your sleep pattern severely.
4. Easy up on the Water!
The larger your baby keeps getting, there gets less room for your own vital organs like your liver and bladder. This causes the frequent urination urges. You need to stay well hydrated during your whole pregnancy but avoid taking in liquids or water 3 to 4 hours before bedtime. This will ensure fewer bathrooms runs in the middle of the night. Frequent urination occurs a lot during pregnancy so it is best to avoid drinking too much water otherwise you will end up waking up from your sleep a number times to rush to the toilet.
5. Aromatherapy!
Aromatherapy can work wonders for you. Try placing an infuser and use your favorite oil or scent like lavender, camomile or rose. Aromatherapy can help you relax and make you fall asleep faster. Talking a warm relaxing bath in aroma therapeutic oil can also help.
6. Too Much On Your Mind?
Pregnancy doesn’t only cause physical discomfort, but also mental discomfort. There may be an endless list of to do’s on your mind and that can result in anxiety and stress. So it’s better to get in control and keep a track of all the jobs you need to finish or get done. The more organized you feel, the less anxious you will get.
7. Burn! (But an acidy kind  of one)
Your growing baby presses up against your stomach and this causes acid to force up your throat. To avoid acid burn, try breaking down your meals into 5 or 6 times a day, instead of the usual 3 times per day. Avoid taking heavy and fatty meals before bedtime and avoid acid burn during your sleep.
8. Get Support!
A growing belly can cause a lot of physical discomfort and put stress on your back resulting in backaches at bed time. Get maternity support bands and wear them around your tummy for comfort during the day. This will ensure fewer backaches at nigh time to disturb your sleep.  
9. Pillow Talk!
Use pillows for comfort at night. There are a lot of mattresses and pillows specially designed for pregnancy and they can be very effective in promoting better sleep. There is a wide variety of maternity pillows available in the market. Use them to provide support to your back and belly during sleep.
10. Follow the Routine!
Throughout your pregnancy, it is necessary to follow a proper bed time routine and do your best not to stray from it. Resist the urge to nap for long hours during the day and sleep well at night. Eat light and healthy meals for dinner and take it 3 hours before your bedtime. Make sure that the environment in your room induces sleep and makes you comfortable. Avoid activities that get you over stimulated and excited before bed time.
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