4 Benefits Of Having Bigger Breasts

big breast

It is important to understand how having bigger boobs can impact a woman’s life if she currently has small breasts. The following are four benefits that may occur due to a larger bust.

  1. Increase in confidence

Women who go from small to large breasts have been found to also report a simultaneous increase in confidence. Large breasts make many women due to societal influences feel more desirable which then causes a surge in confidence. There are very few sex symbols with small breasts. Most of them usually have large breasts. Larger breasts are also believed to represent greater fertility.

big breast

Part of this is also due to media influences, movies, etc, that convey that being considered beautiful and sexy requires large, perky breasts. While many women do not want to feel that the media and other outside influences determine how they feel about themselves, many people do want others to have a favorable opinion of them whether you are aware of this subconsciously or not.

This is why breast augmentation surgery and various other methods on how to increase breast size naturally are very popular and effective for many women with small breasts.

  1. Improvement in appearance

For many of us, when we look good whether it is glowing skin, a size four figure, white teeth, nice clothes, and many other features as well as having large breasts. Having larger breasts also improves your appearance by making your hips and waist look smaller which helps to create the coveted hourglass figure. Bigger boobs will also improve your appearance because clothing will fit better and you will look more proportional

big breast

  1. Sex life enhancement

As mentioned previously, larger breasts make many women feel more like a sex symbol than small breasts so obviously there will be an improvement in sex life. Women who go from a small to a large bust size report an improvement in sex life. You feel more like a sex kitten with large breasts and more confident in your body and your partner loving your body because men do love large breasts. Having large breasts definitely makes you want to wear more lingerie than when you have small breasts because you may not fill out the lingerie the way you want it to with small breasts whereas lingerie are the perfect showcase for large breasts.

Women with larger breasts are also definitely more relaxed in bed and are not constantly worrying about whether their partner is wishing that their breasts were larger.


  1. Simpler shopping

It may be hard to find clothing that makes a small bust look great. When you shop for bathing suits for example, you will have to look for those with padding or that feature frills and other designs that distract from a small bust. Many of these still do not do much to enhance small busts since many of them actually require that you have something to work with and if you are an “A” cup, finding the right swimsuit can be challenging. Tops and dresses are also an issue when trying to find those that will enhance your figure despite having small breasts. This is not usually a problem when you have big breasts.

big breast


These are a few of the reasons that big breasts are highly desired by many women and why boob job surgery and various other methods on how to increase breast size are very popular.


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  • I do like it when you said that one of the benefits of having a bigger bust is that finding clothes that will emphasize the feminine figure will not be hard since it is no longer necessary to look for padded bras. I guess that is the reason why my sister has been so eager to get herself breast implants. Shopping for clothes and making herself look sexy is quite a struggle for her since we were teenagers. It might be best to just support her. Thank you for sharing.

    • Balogun Mahmuod

      Thank you for the comment, Emery. Kindly help support your sister in anything she’s going through, it might be tough to cope with at times.

  • It was really nice how you pointed out that one of the advantages of having bigger breasts is that it gives more of an hourglass figure because it helps even out the body’s proportion by making the waist look smaller. I am not really sure about this because I have no problem with my body, but I guess this is the reason why my younger sister is so eager to undergo breast augmentation surgery. She has been a bit insecure about her figure since we were young. Anyway, thank you for sharing.

  • Lisa

    Very insulting to women with small breasts…we ARE sexy and NOT inferior! And men DO love us! Screw your opinion.

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