Hair Transplant in India

hair transplant

Hair transplant is the most recent rage not just for the individuals who have lost their hair but even for the ones who want to change their look. There is a question in every individual’s mind whether the treatment is effective or it would increase further hair issues? Is it an enduring procedure or does this method result in unjustifiable tissue changes in body?

What is Hair Transplant?

hair transplant

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique used to treat baldness. Generally small patches of scalps are removed from the back and sides and it is implanted on the top and front of the head where baldness is very much visible.

Hair Transplant cost in India:

The Hair transplant cost in India largely depends upon the number of graft needs to be implanted. But the estimated cost ranges from Rs.30.00 to Rs.40.00 per graft. It also depends upon the reputation of the clinic and the surgeon who is conducting the surgery.

5 Major Destination for best Hair Transplant in India:

  1. Mumbai: The commercial and financial capital of India. Mumbai is highly advanced in the field of technology and medical. The city consists of many highly-qualified doctors and surgeon who performs the surgery at an affordable cost. The preferred places in Mumbai where you can find great surgeons for Hair Transplant are Bandra, Andheri, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Kurla. In Mumbai, Cost of hair transplant in Thane is highly affordable.
  2. Kolkata: Another city which is at a developing stage in the field of Medical but still making remarkable changes in the treatment of Hair Transplantation is the city of joy, Kolkata. The city consists of some finest experts in Hair Transplantation. The most preferred locations are Diamond Harbour Road, Shakespeare Sarani, Salt lake and loudon street.
  3. Bangalore: The city is growing surpassingly in terms of technology and lifestyle. The major crowd of the city are middle-aged working people. Thus, the need to look good at the work place is the necessity of all. Good looks help to boost career, bring confidence and sense of responsibility within an individual. Hair, being an integral part to look perfect is most important for anyone thus the lack of it automatically develops the need for hair transplant. Major Hair Transplant locations in Bangalore are Jayanagar, Outer Ring Road, Walton Road, Rajaji Nagar and Indira Nagar.
  4. Delhi: The capital of the country has the solution for all the problem. The city stays ahead in every said field. Hair Transplant in Delhi is comparatively low as there are many Hair Transplant clinic. People from everywhere migrate to Delhi to get their Hair Transplantation treatment done. The International hair transplant specialists are also easily available. The significant places for Hair Transplant near Delhi are Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad.
  5. Chennai: Every year the city attracts 40-50 percent of the Health tourist to the country among which 30-40 percent are domestic health tourist and rest from abroad. It is termed as the Health’s capital of India. It offers world-class health facilities. There are various well-equipped clinics in the city which provides best hair transplantation treatment. The surgeons use scientifically proven ways to do the entire surgery. The preferred places for Hair Transplant in Chennai are Parthasarathi Puram, Mahalingapuram, T. Nagar and Nungambakkam.

Need for Hair Transplantation:

Hair transplantation is a corrective procedure performed on men and rarely on women who are suffering from notable hair fall, diminishing hair, or uncovered spots where hair does not develop anymore. Hair loss among male is the most common phenomenon because of hereditary elements and age. Men may experience the problem of hair loss which generally begins in front and gradually it moves behind i.e. at the top of the head. For women, the problem begins from thinning of hair and hormonal changes. The transplant may also be due to some critical disease, burns or injury.

Different Procedures used for conducting the treatment:

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction: In this method, 3-4 hair strands are removed from the hair using under local anaesthesia. The surgeon then uses a very thin needle to numb the positions for placing the grafts in a determined pattern. The final task is conducted by the technician of locating the graft in the exact location. This procedure is completed in a day or more. This method has an advantage over strip harvesting. There are les chances of pain or discomfort in future.
  2. Follicular Unit Transplant: This is a traditional hair transplant method which involves in removing a linear strip of hair bearing skin from behind or side of the scalp. The strip is then divided to detach individual grafts.
  3. PRP Hair Transplant: This is a simple, non-surgical method. Different injections are injected into the scalp. The entire procedure is completed in an hour. It results in quick recovery and gives hair a beautiful and natural look.
  4. Robotic Hair Restoration: In this method, the FUE treatment is conducted with the help of cameras and robotic arms.

If you are looking for an affordable and quality Hair Transplant Treatment, then India is the right place.

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