The 3 Crucial Parts of Building Muscles that All Professionals Know!

Are you just getting started at the gym? In case you are, you are probably wondering what the best way is to gain muscle mass. At the end of the day, nobody wants to spend their entire life attempting to achieve that amazing model physique and 6-pack abs without success. How hard can this task truly be? How long will it all take? Let’s find out!

The truth of the matter is that big isn’t necessarily attracting when it comes down to building muscles. If you truly want to gain muscle mass that looks good and is in good proportions, then you should definitely realize that you don’t have to possess 20-inch biceps. As a matter of fact, too much muscles can often be a negative. The real key to looking good is achieving low body fat and great muscle definition all around the body. Is this hard? Not really, if you possess the willpower that is. If you’re just getting started, then it would probably take you up to a year of regular exercise in order to achieve a ripped, slender and beautiful body.


So what’s the optimal way of building muscle mass? The optimal way is simply combining the 3 most essential aspects of gaining muscle mass in the proper way: eating, training and resting. Let’s explain more.

1. Training

If you truly want to achieve muscle mass and an attractive physique, you’ll have to hit the gym, there’s simply no way around it. You’ll need to dedicate a minimum of two to three days a week of around an hour or two at the gym. You need to exercise all of the muscle groups, including legs, in order to avoid having a disproportionate look.

The basic exercise guidelines are to stick to 2, max 3 muscle groups in each workout. Combine a larger muscle group with the smaller ones, for instances, combining the chest with the triceps, back with the biceps or legs with shoulders. You can add traps or neck exercises during the end of your workout session. The ideal way, when starting out at the gym, is to exercise every single muscle group once per week. Except for the abs, these can be performed 2 or even 3 times a week, but try not to overwork it. To a certain extent, the abs are actually made in your kitchen. This ultimately leads us to the following crucial part of building muscle mass efficiently and quickly.

2. Diet

The diet aspect of gaining muscles is probably the most crucial. If you’re a skinny individual, then you should prepare to start eating lots of food and often. You’ll need to consume foods with plenty of proteins in order to truly provide your muscles the required energy to develop and get much bigger. Consume around 4 to 6 meals during the day. They need to be balances: lean meats, eggs, fish, broccoli, rice and vegetables are all great for supplementing the body with the correct resources to gain muscle mass. The foods which provide the most amounts of strength are fish and meat.

Nevertheless, you don’t really need to consume tons of pure meat in order to gain muscle mass. That’s why protein shakes exist. It is important to supplement the diet with whey proteins when working on putting on pure muscles. This is termed the bulking phase of one’s bodybuilding cycle and the vast majority of individuals who want to discover the optimal methods of building muscles need to implement a bulking and a cutting phase during the workout journey, in order to achieve that superior physique.

3. Resting

Last but not least, it is absolutely crucial to have sufficient rest in order to allow the muscles to regenerate and develop into larger muscles. Do your best to sleep a minimum of eight hours a day in order to ensure that the muscles grow as much as they can in a short period of time. The muscles ultimately grow when the body is at rest, and not at the gym.

These are the primary tips for gaining muscle mass with optimal efficiency. There’s still plenty of more things to discover about gaining muscles, fitness & bodybuilding in general, but for a new beginner you’d be on the right road once you have a good 3 day per week workouts, which exercises all of the muscle groups in an even manner. So there you have it, the optimal method of building muscle mass – train, diet, and rest! Now get out there and get that muscle mass!

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