Things To Know About Red Light Therapy

red light therapy

red light therapy

The tendency for treatment in modern medicine is based on the self-healing ability of the body. In the past, Oriental medicine was known to use natural sources of energy to increase this ability, especially Qigong therapy (Life energy cultivation).

Until now, studies have indicated that the power of Qigong therapy is the same as the infrared heating source in the wavelength range of 8-50 micrometers. When the hands of the physician touch the patient’s body at acupoints, he or she will feel the hot air flowing through the body. It is seen as the use of red light therapy to treat the disease.

Nowadays, the red light therapy is used widely in treatment because of its wonderful uses without any harm or side effects to the body. Let’s take a look at the following information to learn more about this safe and effective therapy.

  1. What are the characteristics of the red light therapy?

The red light therapy uses monochromatic infrared radiation that passes through the spectral filter at an adjusted wavelength of 620 nm – 650 nm.

In reality, infrared radiation is an invisible light with a wavelength range of 400,000 – 760nm. So, the higher the temperature of the light-emitting source, the lower the wavelength of the radiation emitted by infrared light.

The red light uses the heat treatment method. The temperature of the light is effective in relieving the pain, reducing vasodilation and increasing the on-site nutritional shift. The penetration depth of infrared radiation in the body is very weak, only about 1-3mm.

  1. What are uses of the red light therapy?

The use of treatment

With diseases of the muscles, bones, joints, bruises and so on, the infrared light helps to reduce the pain, relieve stiff muscles and remove blood spots under the skin. At the same time, it also boosts metabolism, stimulates cell growth and blood circulation to restore the health quickly.

The use of heating

Infrared rays penetrate through the skin about 3mn, so can heat at one place, causing the temperature of the skin to rise. From this, the blood vessels under the skin are dilated. The increase in blood volume in your body and one-site heating release will lead to spreading the whole body, helping warm up the body.

The use of beautifying

The red light is not only good for health but also appreciated the beauty. It is very helpful to soften the skin, causing the blood vessels to circulate, stimulating the growth of skin cells; concurrently, removing dead skin cells. In addition to helping you have a bright and youthful white skin, the red light therapy is also effective in stimulating hair roots and keeping the color of dyed hair.

Due to its many health effects as well as in beauty, infrared lamps are widely used in clinics and beauty salons.

  1. In which cases should the red light therapy be used?
  • Chronic inflammation: arthritis, tendinitis, osteoarthritis, abscess, etc.
  • Edema due to inflammation, compression or injury.
  • Arthralgia or peripheral neuropathy.
  • Adhesion of skin or scar tissue organization.
  • Nutrition deficiencies due to poor circulation.
  • Muscle spasm, catatonia or preparation for exercise
  • Slow wound recovery
  • Pain or muscle spasm relief in chronic pain such as lumbago, shoulder or arm pain, sciatica, intermittent pain, joint pain, muscle pain, etc.
  • Enhancement of local nutrition in case of slow wound or ulcer healing to help them recover quickly.
  • Muscle relaxation to help other therapies such as massage, exercise, etc.
  1. Who should not receive the red light therapy?

Many cases of using the infrared light are ineffective, but it can endanger the patient.

  • The skin area with keloids or scleroderma should not be treated with the infrared light. These areas are avascular so the infrared radiation cannot penetrate into the skin to metabolize. What is more, the blood vessels there are also very few, so it is unable to apply a local transformation of nutrients to reduce the pain for the patient.
  • The red light therapy is not suitable for the patients who cannot stand high temperature, have open skin lesions or get sunstroke.
  1. How to perform a treatment by the red light therapy?
  • Lie down or sit comfortably and then put the infrared light in a safe and convenient position.
  • Adjust the distance between the light and the skin surface, which depends on the light’s wattage. With a 150 watt light, place it at a distance of 30 cm, and keep the skin surface at a distance of 50 cm with a 300 watt light. Note that adjust the heat by changing the distance as mentioned.
  • Radiate the light perpendicular to the skin surface. Average radiating time is 10-15 minutes. When time’s up, turn off the light and check the treatment area. The treatment is safe if the skin is evenly red and not painful.
  • Do it twice or three times a day.

When performing a treatment by the red light therapy, you should notice the following.

  • Placing the light too close or radiating it too long does not help to relieve the pain more quickly. Not just that, it can cause burns to you.
  • Radiating the light to the body for too long time will make the bones at this position dry. It is dangerous because they are brittle and easy to break.

Use of the red light therapy too many times daily makes the radiated skin area dehydrated, leading to dry, red or peeling skin.

The author of this article is Jasmine He, she is interested in health and beauty as well as having a strong desire for the well-being, she has a broad knowledge of this area after having the patience to learn and experience it for a couple of years. Along with her current education job, she has now been working as a freelance writer on health and beauty.

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