Basic Advantages of Using Gel Seat Cushions for Wheelchairs of The Patients

A wheelchair is a necessity for the patients who cannot walk or stand on their feet due to any serious ailment. It is important to make these patients comfortable in their temporary or permanent immovable stages, and for these, the gel seat cushions for wheelchairs are the ideal options. There are different varieties of gel seat cushions available in the market, and you can choose one according to the requirements of the patients who will be sitting on those cushions comfortably while moving on their wheelchairs. There are several benefits of using these cushions for the wheelchair-bound patients, which are enlisted below:

Major Facilities Available from The Gel Seat Cushions for Wheelchairs:

  • The gel seat cushions for wheelchairs are extremely lightweight and thus can be easily handled by the caregivers of the paralyzed patients. They find it easier to shift the positions of these cushions on the wheelchairs, as asked by the patients. Moreover, the special foam used in these gel cushions are water-resistant in nature and can be easily cleaned with water and even put in the washing machines for thorough cleaning, making the job simpler for the caregivers.
  • As the gel seat cushions for wheelchairs are very soft and comfortable in nature, the paralyzed patients find it easier to sit on these cushions for a long time without any difficulty. These cushions render adequate support and pressure relief to the pelvic region and the thighs of the patients, preventing any ache at these body parts after long periods of sitting over the wheelchairs.
  • The gel is a very soft material that can easily shift positions within the cushions, as the paralyzed patients change their seating postures to attain maximum comfort while moving around on their wheelchairs. The weight of the patient is equally distributed over this gel cushion, making him/her more comfortable.
  • The extra softness of the gel seat cushions for wheelchairs prevent the formation of sores or any type of irritation on the skin surface that usually forms due to the prolonged contact with the chair while sitting there the whole day. The epidermal cells of the skin are saved from the constant hard frictions with the seat of the wheelchair and thus, these cells hardly have any chance of breakage.
  • The gel used in these cushions are specially medicated to stop the spread of any harmful germs and thus, these gel cushions can save the wheelchair-bound patients from all types of skin infections, mainly on the skin surfaces that are in direct contact with the seat of the wheelchair.
  • The gel of these cushion seats are quite cool in nature and prevents the formation of sweat in the body of the patients sitting on these cushions. Hence, the patients feel cooler and more comfortable even in hot weathers, while spending time on the wheelchairs.
  • It is easy to afford gel seat cushions for wheelchairs due to the reasonable prices. Moreover, these gel cushions last for many years, maybe the whole lifetime of the patients for whom these items are purchased, saving the costs of buying any other cushion further.

There are many varieties of the gel seat cushions for wheelchairs that give a wide array of choices for the buyers, produced by a number of companies. Some cushions are attached with straps for extra security, while some cushions may be thicker than the others due to the presence of additional layers of foam for better support to the body of the patients. As these foams are consistent to remain intact in any temperature, these seat cushions can be used in all weather conditions. Thus, these cushions for wheelchairs prove to be a boon for the patients.

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