Six Essential Aspects to Know Prior to Performing Hip Replacement Surgery

With age, people’s bone joints start to decay. Fortunately, modern technology with regards to joint replacement is quite advanced, such that getting hip replacement surgery is found to be a routinely prescribed procedure.

Studies conducted have revealed that a good number of patients are advised with high surgery replacement. Joint decay is said to have a severe impact upon the individual’s mobility and also is found to be extremely painful.

Previously, people under 60 years were not prescribed with hip replacement surgery. However, the advanced joint prosthesis has made this procedure to be availed by patients of all age, especially those who have been experiencing problems in their joint regions, which is caused due to varying circumstances.

Although hip replacement surgery currently is being regarded to be a simplified procedure, the person is to be aware of several aspects prior to undergoing the Hip Replacement Surgery.

Some essential facts to know

  • What take place during the surgery: The total time taken for the surgery to be completed is two hours. Incision is placed by the surgeon over the hip and femur, to eliminate the tissue, cartilage as well as compromised bone. Plastic or artificial metal is used to replace the femur. This will help the patients to continue their regular activities without facing pain. There are various types of surgeries which are performed keeping mind the patient’s weight, age and other factors.
  • Eligible candidate for the surgical procedure: People might problems with their hips due to various reasons. The common ones are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, which might cause hip joint premature deterioration. Age of the patient is not of much important like that of health condition to have the surgery. The successful patients are considered to be those who stop waiting for the joint deterioration to get into advanced stage.
  • Recovery period: The truth is every patient is different. However, 3 to 5 days of hospital stay is involved with hip replacement surgery and the recovery period generally takes about 3 to 6 months. The time frame will again depend upon rehab guidelines and overall health of the patient.
  • Are there any complications arising from the surgery: These days, physicians are using modern and advanced surgical techniques along with state of the art artificial joint components. This automatically diminishes the chances of arising of complications due to the surgery. However, one standard problem faced joint dislocation. Hence, physician recommends fake hip patients to avoid few types of leg positions and movements during the rehab period. This is to reduce dislocation risk.
  • Exercises to be performed by the patient: On starting of the rehab, the patient is required to perform few types of exercises to increase flexibility of the affected part and to avoid stiffness. After hip replacement, even those people suffering from limited movability have benefitted immensely to improve their health. Immediately after the procedure, less hectic activities and impact are good for the patient.

There are present few alternatives to this surgical procedure, which again depends upon the kind of deterioration that has taken place in the joints combined with other factors.

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