Oral Detox: Tips for Fresher Breath

oral detox for a fresher breath

oral detox for a fresher breath

Is there anyone who doesn’t like having fresh breath? Not only do we feel better when we know our mouth is clean, but we feel more confident and become more approachable because we know that other people won’t be put off by our bad breath. Sadly, getting fresher breath isn’t always easy, and if you want the best results you should try out several tricks and pick the ones that work best for you. To help you get that wonderful fresh breath of your dreams, we give you a list of easy tips you can try:

Choose your drinks

We all love coffee, sodas, and an occasional glass of wine and beer, but these drinks have a bad effect on our breath. Choosing what you drink can help you keep your mouth healthy and your breath fresh. Plain water is best for your teeth (as long as it’s not too cold – people with sensitive teeth won’t enjoy it) and green tea will do wonders for your overall as well as for your oral health. It’s rich in antioxidants and minerals that are beneficial for your teeth and gums, and if you drink it in the morning instead of coffee, you will boost your metabolism and feel like you have more energy.

Get quality equipment

You’d be surprised to find out just how important your dental hygiene products are. High-quality tape, floss, toothpaste, and brushes will make a world of difference in cleaning your teeth and mouth, and you should seriously think about investing a bit more money and getting high-quality products from CareDent or some other reliable oral health care products manufacturer. You might love your old toothbrush, but you shouldn’t get too attached to it as it should be replaced every couple of months. Get tongue cleaners, angled and interdental brushes, and find floss and toothpaste that work best for you. Stack your bathroom with quality supplies and you’ll notice that the results are much better than before.

Eat the right food

It’s a known fact that raw, crunchy foods are able to clean one’s teeth up to a point which is why you should opt for such foods more often. Apples are especially beneficial as they contain a carb called pectin, which helps produce more saliva and control food odors. You can prepare a healthy, nutritious snack that will help clean your teeth and give you fresher breath. You only need to cut a couple of apples into chunks, add a cup of grated carrots and diced celery, as well as half a cup of dried cranberries and crushed walnuts. Mix them all in a bowl and add five tablespoons of plain nonfat yogurt. When you’re satisfied with the mixture, sprinkle it with cinnamon and enjoy the delicious snack with a friend.

Use a natural remedy

Coconut oil is known for its many health and beauty benefits, but not many people know that it can help you clean your teeth as well. Not only will brushing your teeth with coconut oil help you get whiter teeth, but your breath will be fresher, and you’ll literally pull toxins out of your mouth. Oil binds oil and it will also pull toxins out; so when you swish, swirl, and spit after brushing your teeth you will lower your chances of getting gingivitis. The ‘procedure’ is known as ‘oil pulling’ and it is known to help with gingivitis as well as cavities.

While it’s virtually impossible to have wonderful, fresh breath all day long (morning breath is something we all struggle with, mind you), you can still do a number of things that will help you keep it fresh for a long time. Bad habits such as smoking, not drinking enough water, and not brushing your teeth will not only give you bad breath, but they will ruin your teeth and gums too, so try to be responsible and take good care of your oral health. This way your teeth will be healthy for many years, and you’ll be able to maintain that sexy, fresh breath longer.

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