The Definitive Guide To Dealing With Teen Depression

Spend More Time With Your Friends

Teen depression is one of the most common problems that’s experienced by a large number of teenagers globally. It is a mental condition that affects a teenager ’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior tremendously, so it’s important to take professional help to feel better. There is little doubt that teenagers feel sad and anxious frequently, but those are general feelings and they shouldn’t be misunderstood with teen depression – which is a highly debilitating mood disorder.



In other words, feeling sad or tensed is quite normal for teenagers, however, if these feelings stay consistent for months – it could mean you are suffering from teen depression and therefore you should seek right treatment for it as soon as possible.

According to CHARTER Harley Street, “People often use the word ‘depressed’ to describe feeling ‘fed up’ or ‘bored’. But clinical depression is more than feeling down for a few days, it is a destructive sense of hopelessness and low mood that persists over months or even years. Depression is a genuine health condition, whether it’s clinical depression, an inability to express your emotions or a result of a traumatic event, depression isn’t a sign of weakness or something you can ‘get a grip’ over.

The good thing is that you can get help for your problem to recover from it quickly. The moment you realize that you have a serious mental disorder, you should also accept the fact that help is available and you can get better if you work towards it religiously. In addition to that, it’s also important for you to understand that you are not the only person affected by this condition.

Spend More Time With Your Friends

Spend More Time With Your Friends

When you suffer from this mood disorder you feel extremely anxious and helpless, which can lead to further problems as well, if you fail to take the right treatment. When you feel depressed you try to subside your feelings by relying on things like alcohol and drugs, which can, later on, lead to other mental conditions like alcohol and drug addiction.

Signs & Symptoms of Teen Depression

  • Constant feelings of sadness and irritation
  • Reduced interest in activities that you used to enjoy a lot earlier
  • Unable to concentrate on your studies
  • Bunking classes and diminishing grades
  • Unable to enjoy the company of your friends spending more time in your room because you don’t feel like talking to others
  • Staying up late at night or sleeping too much
  • Experiencing a constant feeling that you are worthless
  • Feeling that your problem can’t be understood by anyone and there is no solution for it
  • Suicidal tendencies

Tips for Dealing with Your Depression

#1. Accept the fact that there is a solution

A lot of teens who think that there is absolutely no solution to their problem, try to commit suicide. Therefore one of the best ways to deal with your problem is to understand that it can be fixed effectively if you are willing to work towards it. It’s crucial for you to believe that no matter how anxious and hopeless you feel, you will always find a solution to deal with your problems.

#2. Talk To Your Loved Ones 

If you really want to feel better, talk to your loved ones about your problem. Most of the times, teens feel that no one can understand their feelings, which is absolutely wrong. Your parents may behave a little rudely with you after seeing your behavior, but that only happens when they are unaware of your problem. So, if you need a valid solution, make sure that you discuss your depression either with your parents or siblings.

Your parents might not be able to give you sufficient time because of their busy work schedules, but once you talk to them about your problem they will surely offer you the right guidance. The moment you share your thoughts and feelings with someone you trust a lot, you will start seeing an improvement in your condition. Therefore, sharing your problem is very important for finding a perfect solution for it.

#3. Spend More Time with Your Friends

You enjoy a lot in the company of your friends, so make sure that you do not try to isolate yourself from them. Talk to those friends who are understanding and helpful, and who make you laugh all the time.

Use Technology

Use Technology

But at the same time, you should also make it a point to avoid those friends who keep criticising you. In addition to that, it’s better to stay away from those who abuse alcohol and drugs.

#4. Cut Down on Your Screen Time

It’s important for you to reduce your screen time to feel good and relaxed. Keep your phone and laptop aside at least an hour before you go to bed because they affect your sleep. In addition to that, if you keep checking your social media accounts frequently, then it’s high time to change this habit. People keep on posting positive things about themselves on their social media accounts, which could make you feel sad when you try to compare their lives with yours. So, it’s better to avoid checking your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account frequently.

Last but not least, take professional help for your problem. Find a good rehab center, wherein you can get proper treatment for your problem. Depression can be treated with Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). A perfect combination of medication and therapy can improve your condition very quickly.

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