7 Bad Oral Habits To Avoid

Oral Habits

When it comes to dental health, bad habits are a big no. You have to get rid of them at the earliest to ensure healthy teeth and gums. If such habits persist, it may harm your body over a period of time. Since dental health is linked to overall wellbeing of the body, you should not take chances with bad oral habits. More importantly, if you have developed so bad oral habits, it may ruin your smile, pose risk to your mouth and make you lose confidence. This is why you should chuck bad habits out of the way and start smiling as confidently as it is possible.

Here are 7 bad oral habits to avoid –

1. Not Taking Oral Care Seriously

The first bad oral habit is obviously is not taking oral care seriously. Many among us skip brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning hoping that it does not harm much. A good number of people don’t brush twice at all, and some even have never flossed their teeth in life. We often don’t use a right toothpaste and toothbrush; we are also guilty of not changing the brush every three months; we are not careful about what we eat. These are just some basic oral care routines we all should be following but sadly we don’t.

2. Smoking & Consuming Alcohol

If you are conscious about your look and feel, smoking is then the last thing to try. It can stain and discolor your teeth beyond repair; it can yellow your pristine pearly whites to dent your smile and your confidence together. In fact, using any tobacco product is akin to being pushed towards dental decay in future. They are very, very harmful for your teeth and gums, so you should stay away from them. In the same way, consuming alcohol is also bad for your dental health and the earlier your kick the habit the better.

3. Not Following Basic Brushing Rules

Only a fraction of people do brush their teeth twice a day. They find brushing at night needless. Well, they can’t be more wrong. Similarly, most of us try to rush through our brushing sessions even without spending the standard 2-3 minutes, which is definitely not helpful at all. Some brush their teeth too hard without worrying about the harm caused in the process. Not many bother about using soft-bristled brush and they allow frayed or worn-out ones to damage the enamel. Similarly, a good number of people don’t use fluoride-based toothpaste and mouthwash at all.

4. Clenching and Grinding

Did you know that clenching your jaw is a bad oral habit? You should also know than grinding your teeth can damage your mouth. To them, both these habit often occur during sleep while to other, it happens during stressful situations. With teeth grinding, there is always a danger of enamel erosion leaving your teeth exposed to decay. On the other hand, jaw clenching may also lead to cracked or chipped teeth over time. The good thing is, both the conditions are entirely treatable, and you can consult the dentist to know more about them.

5. Eating Sugary Foods

Sugar is bad for your teeth. It can cause cavity and the excess amount may also put you on risk of tooth decay. Sugar-filled drinks such as colas, sports juices can harm your teeth a great deal. People who eat or drink sugar-laced items are at a greater risk of plaque formation. This very plaque can later take the shape of tartar which is hard to remove, and which can lead to tooth decay. You can replace sodas and fruit juices with water and maintain optimum dental health easily.

6. Using Teeth as Tools

Your teeth are not meant for opening bottles. You should not be using them to rip open packages. And if you cut strings using your teeth, you are definitely becoming prone to dental problems in future. Some people, especially, children, use their teeth to crunch ice forgetting how it can damage the tooth enamel in the process. In the same way, biting nails can damage teeth and even allow bacteria to enter your bloodstream. The habit if using teeth as tools is something you have to chuck at the earliest to save your dental health from deterioration.

7. Not Drinking Much Water Everyday

Water is essential to life. It’s equally precious for your dental health. You should be drinking then in plenty through the day to maintain your oral health. With water, you keep your mouth hydrated and fight off bad breath problem. Secondly, you wash away food particles, bacteria and plaque stuck between your teeth; it also allows to neutralize acid effects of foods you eat. You can visit a top Nassau county dental clinic and know more on this subject.

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