Why Should Marijuana be Legalized?

medical marijuana

medical marijuana

The day is not far away when cannabis will be legalized worldwide but still, some stones need to be turned to make this happen. But then, what do most people think about marijuana? Some of us believe that legalizing cannabis may lead to some detrimental health issues whereas; others believe that it could be helpful when other medicines fail.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the financial and some other benefits of cannabis and how its legalization can help the citizens and the state in different aspects.

1. Liberty:

Legalization of marijuana is an issue of liberty and freedom. There is no doubt that legalization has its benefits. It is absurd and deprivation of liberty if you are not allowed to grow cannabis in your garden, or use it for recreational or health purposes. Laws in America value the liberty and pursuit of happiness of the citizens by respecting their freedom. Therefore, depriving the citizens of the country of buying or using something which they feel, could benefit their health, is not proper.

2. Principle of parity:

Then there is yet another aspect. The government has not banned other toxic substances like alcohol and tobacco rather permits their free-use in the country at the Federal level. Both of them, not only have effects similar to cannabis, but are the leading cause of death in America according to NIH. On the other hand, according to DEA, marijuana has not caused even a single death and still, the people have to debate over its legalization.

3. Non-Addictive:

Unlike alcohol, tobacco and caffeine, THC being psychoactive substance, is non-addictive in nature. Although the regular use of cannabis increases the tolerance for THC in the consumer’s body, it does not make anyone dependent on its use.

4. Marijuana is a Calming


Contrary to alcohol, marijuana does not make the user violent. Marijuana use does not make consumer angry or cause aggressiveness in them. It does not create any violence as the alcohol consumption does.

5. It is not a gateway to other drugs

It is the biggest misconception that marijuana is a gateway to use and becoming addicted to other drugs. Its use does not cause any abuse or demands the use of harmful drugs.

6. Tax revenue:

A lot of revenue is generated from the legal sales of cannabis. If every state legalizes cannabis, then the tax revenue collections would increase and this will boost the economy.

7. Jobs:

The government is ignoring the fact that due to cannabis industry, new jobs will be created by 2024.As this industry tends to grow; it will lead to marketplace diversity. New jobs mean new opportunities for new investments, new startups and this benefits the society.

8. Alcohol and Tobacco are more harmful than cannabis:

Alcohol and tobacco are more harmful than cannabis as they impact the behavior of the person and deteriorate the health and leads to abuse.

9. Prevents HIV from turning into AIDS:

THC, the psychoactive chemical which is present in cannabis can stop HIV from progressing into AIDS.

10. Fights Cancer:

Many studies carried on cancer confirm that cannabis can kill cancer cells . They can halt metastasis and trigger cell death.

11. Helps to alleviate menstrual cramps:

Painful period can impact your daily life and you may end up tossing and turning in the bed. On the other hand, marijuana can alleviate menstrual cramps, headaches and breast tenderness. So, it will a boon for all the women suffering from unbearable period pain.

12. Reduces diabetes and obesity:

It is seen that people who smoke cannabis are less obese and have lower risk of developing diabetes. Many studies have proved that adults who consume marijuana have much smaller waist, better insulin levels and good cholesterol.

13. Fewer sick days

Cannabis promotes a healthy living and has many other medicinal properties. Moreover, adults are responsible and know what is good and bad for them. Some believe that people may misuse the drug if it is legalized at the federal level. But, they are unaware of the fact that cannabis legalization has reduced the number of sick days in the states. The majority of people are low dose cannabis users. They use cannabis to counter stress instead of getting high. However, consuming cannabis for recreational use can be illegal, but you can get your share of marijuana after the medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation which can be easily obtained from any licensed cannabis doctors.

14. Reduction in fatal opioid overdoses:

People are using cannabis as an alternative for a wide range of medicines. Studies have found that there was 25% reduction in fatal opioid overdoses in the states that have legalized cannabis.

It is just the beginning, as the industry flourishes, new ways of generating revenue will be created and states that have legalized cannabis will be able to enjoy all the benefits.

15. Cannabis can cure insomnia:

People can sleep adequately when they consume Indicia- dominant strains. Moreover, it is a great way to induce sleep when you are struggling with sleep.

16. Cannabis helps in the pain management:

According to Mark Ware, an assistant professor of anesthesia and family medicine at McGill University, three puffs of marijuana helps people to deal with chronic nerve pain and also provides sound sleep.

17. More research on marijuana:

If marijuana gets legalized, then the scientist will be able to conduct more research on marijuana’s medicinal benefits.

Cannabis is a plant with many health benefits. So, there is no reason to step back. Instead, we should acknowledge and accept its potential. Also, in the coming years, we can expect the legalization of marijuana on a wider scale.

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James J Harper, a resident of California is an entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. He loves to share his views and ideas about medicinal plants and in many of his blogs he tries to aware people about the benefits and uses of marijuana as a medicine.

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