CBD and Your Heart – Can CBD Help Cardio Health?

You might have noticed this past week that many news outlets have covered World Heart Rhythm week. While everyone has been discussing the effects of heart disease and irregularities, along with a range of treatment options, CBD has again entered the conversation.

The benefits of CBD are becoming well-documented, but they only lightly touch on the effects of cannabidiol on the heart and circulation. It’s time for us to fix that.

World Heart Rhythm Week

June 4-10 is World Heart Rhythm week. While we’re all aware that sudden chest pains are a very bad sign for the art of healthy living and your heart health also, the Arrhythmia Alliance have been raising awareness of heart rhythm disorders. If your heart’s rhythm isn’t regular, you’re at risk of fainting – something that happens to almost half of us at some point in our life.

We advisetaking a look at their educational resources to make sure you’re always aware of your heart health. Something as simple as knowing how to take your pulse can help you spot potential issues before they become too serious.

If you’re looking to improve your cardio health through food supplements and you’re considering CBD, we’d like to take you through some of the studies.

CBD and Your Heart

Among the well-documented benefits of using CBD, there are UK nutritionists who believe that using CBD drops or other food supplements can reduce the effects of a heart attack by minimising the number of heart muscle cells which die off.

Ideally, none of you reading this will need to reduce the severity of a heart attack. It’d be far better if you could avoid a heart attack altogether!

We’ve taken a look through a very promising current study, and we’ve found that CBD supplementation can help your heart health by reacting with your cardiovascular system’s CB1 receptors.

Studies on CBD and Arrhythmia

Studies in the British Journal of Pharmacology have shown that CBD tests on rodents have been very promising. In tests, CBD supplements brought both rapid heartbeats (tachycardia) and sluggish heartbeats (bradycardia) closer to a healthy rate, although they’re not sure how or indeed why.

Initial theories suggest that the 2-AG endocannabinoid that reacts with CB1 receptors in the heart are responsible, but again we could be years from a conclusive result.

However anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that CBD can help calm users down, leading to a natural lowering of a quickened pulse brought on by stress or worry.

Worried About Your Heart?

While we’re very positive about CBD’s future use in the treatment of a range of symptoms, it is worth re-iterating that heart problems can be very serious.

If you think you are suffering from any of the following symptoms, you should always seek medical help:

  • An irregular or fluttering heartbeat
  • Palpitations
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Chest pains

If you’ve used CBD supplements to improve your sense of wellbeing regarding any cardiovascular health issues, then let the World know about it. The more evidence there is to support it’s uses in treatment, the more hope there is for sufferers of a wide variety of illnesses.

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