CBD and Your Heart – Can CBD Help Cardio Health?

You might have noticed this past week that many news outlets have covered World Heart Rhythm week. While everyone has been discussing the effects of heart disease and irregularities, along with a range of treatment options, CBD has again entered the conversation. The benefits of CBD are becoming well-documented, but they only lightly touch on the effects of cannabidiol on the heart and circulation. It’s time for us to fix that. World Heart Rhythm Week June 4-10 is World Heart Rhythm week. While we’re all aware that sudden chest pains are a very bad sign for the art of healthy living and your heart health also, the Arrhythmia Alliance have been raising awareness of heart rhythm disorders. If your heart’s rhythm isn’t regular, you’re at risk of fainting – something that happens to almost half of us at some point in our life. We advisetaking a look at their educational resources to make sure you’re always aware of your heart health. Something as simple as knowing how to take your pulse can help you spot potential issues before they become too serious. If you’re looking to improve your cardio health through food supplements and you’re considering CBD, we’d like to take […]

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