Link Between Hearing Loss and Depression

This is a very interesting discussion, because everyone want to know “how are hearing loss and depression linked?”

After study I found strong link between hearing loss and depression among adults of all ages, particularly in women. Actually hearing loss is a communication disorder, not a distinct physical problem. We need to change our think about the condition.

If anyone having hearing loss, even having a simple conversation with friends and family it be a challenge, because you are not able to listen meaningful conversation. Good conversation is the main key of maintaining healthy relationship. So if you are not able to listen properly, it make your relationships begin to suffer. That why it is connected to depression.

The problem is many people who suffer from hearing loss, self-manage the situation by removing from environment where they face hard to hear. They stop socialising and even stop work all affect loss of lifestyle, these are greater risk of depression.

Now We Understand The Connection

The main connections are communication and listen because if you are not able to communicate properly its affect your relationships. Difficulty in communication can cause stress and depression. Who face hearing loss those people embarrassed in society, This behavior is a leading cause of depression specially adults.

In U.S, NIDCD directed a study maintaining more than 11% of who have hearing loss they suffered from depression, as opposed 5% of general population. It mean 5% of normal person have depression but hearing loss people more and more suffer from depression than as normal person.


Many symptoms of hearing loss and depression: Some symptoms of depression such as sadness/unhappiness, hopelessness and other are less well known just as harmful of life. Facing concentrating, loss of ravenousness, loss of interest in hobbies and irritation all interfere with daily life and working within  family and social group.

Now Doctor are more aware of and able to spot symptoms of depression in those who have hearing loss. They are referring them for treatment may help take back a emotional foothold, become socially engaged once again and feel better improvement in their life.

A person having depression caused by hearing loss, A hearing loss treatment could help patients avoid unnecessary medicine and medications. The main helpful treatment is medication and therapy.

Here discussing some points of depression:

  • Loss in social groups
  • Irritation with communication
  • Who have hearing loss they feel like burden
  • Lack of communication and connection with people
  • Lack of interest in things like: family gathering, parties, sporting, events


If you think you have hearing problem do not wait for treatment for hearing test, consult as soon as possible with doctor. Try to find treatment for your hearing loss problem could have side effects you are not expecting, like restoring your confidence, and rebuilding your relationships. You are able to hear again it also improve your physical and mental health.

Hearing aids is very helpful today it help your life without drawing attention to your hearing loss, and new hearing aids technology allow you to connect to your smartphone for easy streaming.

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