The Most Common Causes Of Male Infertility


Infertility can occur to anyone at any point of time. It is very important to understand why such a phenomenon will occur to you or me. It can be inherited or acquired. Inherited infertility will be due to family history, gene fault and other genetic reasons which most of the times becomes irreversible and you should seek artificial reproductive treatment (ART). Acquired ones are treatable and are very common. Male infertility is the most common type of infertility. It is the reason for more than one third of infertility cases registered at a fertility clinic.

More often not, it is practically impossible to establish the reason for male infertility. As simple as using laptop, driving car or bike for long hours, frequent usage of jeans and other tight dress are known to cause infertility. At a fertility clinic, the most common reason for infertility in male is their lifestyle. This was determine through questionnaires. But people are ready to give up nor come out these habits. Most marriages in India are returning to be unsuccessful and this is one of the biggest reason. The blame for not having a child always is put on the female. This is due to the lack of sex education and nearly 80% of the people do not understand the fact infertility.

The causes of male infertility are:

Pre-existing genetic conditions which as we discussed accounts to 20% of all the infertility cases. Most often these are irreversible cases and there is no medical help. This is because the reasons for the infertility is deep down to your roots of genes and it is very difficult to ascertain what part of our genetic system is causing this. In women, high level of male sex hormone also causes infertility.

Accident and injury can also cause infertility. Nowadays, the designs of bikes that are out there in the market is the main reason. There is very little or no protection to the groin area and most of the accidents are fatal. Injury related infertility is irreversible and most often IVF treatment is the only resort.

UTIs rarely cause infertility at the reproductive age because UTIs are not often present in younger men. But poor hygiene and habits can lead to UTIs irrespective of the age. Urinary tract infections can also be caused due to sexual intercourse. STDs are also said to cause infertility.

Drinking and smoking are common reasons for infertility in men which is also backed by science but this is a highly reversible condition and is temporary.

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