Regaining Your Hearing : 3 Ways to Treat Hearing Loss

Though hearing loss is the third most common chronic health issue adults face, most do not seek treatment due to denial or because they fear being embarrassed. Because a loss of hearing has so many additional, debilitating psychological and physiological conditions linked to it, treating hearing loss is very important. Let’s discuss 3 ways to treat hearing loss and regain your hearing.

The Surgical Option

The treatment that just about everyone is eager to avoid is surgery. This type of treatment typically involves what is known as a cochlear implant. A cochlear implant utilizes a transmitter and a receiver to process sounds, which it then codes into electronic pulses that are passed on to the inner ear using implanted electrodes.

A cochlear implant is most often used for those who were born with reduced hearing capacity or who have had their hearing severely damaged. Individuals who need a cochlear implant usually cannot be helped through other treatment means.

The surgical option or cochlear implants are not the most common form of treating hearing loss and should not be a deterrent from seeking treatment to regain your hearing.


Assistive Listening Devices

An option that is at the other end of the spectrum from surgery, when it comes to regaining your hearing, is an assistive listening device. An assistive listening device is a receiver with a microphone contained in a pocket-sized unit that you carry on your person. This receiver picks up sounds from your surroundings, amplifies them, and then they are transferred through a common ear bud, like what is used to listen to an MP3 player.

Assistive listening devices are often used for individuals who have very specific needs, like for watching television, a phone conversation or listening to the radio. They are non-invasive and can usually be purchased either from a hearing healthcare professional or over-the-counter in just about any electronics store.

Assistive listening devices can help you regain your hearing without any form of invasive treatment or even a consultation with a healthcare professional.


Hearing Aids

The most common treatment for hearing loss is the hearing aid. In the past, hearing aids have been rather bulky and annoying, which has made the idea of getting one a deterrent to treatment for hearing loss. Hearing aids work by amplifying sound through a small receiver that is placed in your ear. They do not require that you carry any sort of receiver because the microphone, receiver and amplifier are all self-contained in the individual units.

Modern hearing aids come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, styles and price points to make it possible for any person on any budget to receive the hearing loss treatment they need. Getting the right hearing aids to fit your lifestyle is best accomplished by seeking out someone who fully understands what you need and can link that to your personal preferences.

Fear of a bulky and annoying hearing aid in order to regain your hearing no longer needs to be a deterrent for hearing loss treatment.


Those who have been the fear of embarrassment or who are going through denial concerning their loss of hearing should really consider the fact that there are a lot of additional health issues that can result from hearing loss. Do not be deterred by what you have heard or assumed when it comes to treatment for your hearing, check it out for yourself and regain your hearing.

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