5 Things You can do to Lead a Less Hectic, Stress-Free Life

We’re living in a world packed with stress and anxiety. It’s quite hard to function properly in today’s surroundings without being faced with a lot of stress and anxiety. From your home, where stress can build up around insignificant things, through traffic and your way to work, and all the way to the job you have. With so many stress-inducing things surrounding all of us, it’s perfectly normal for some of us to slip and fall from time to time. However, you must put in your best effort to fight that stress and anxiety.

Everybody has their own way of dealing with hectic life situations, but there are some general principles that should help almost anyone. We did a bit of researching, and we’ve decided to make this short guide through some of the things that should help you deal with stress and anxiety. Keep in mind that these guidelines don’t offer a final solution to your problem, but they can help you find the best way to deal with it. So, without further ado, let’s jump to it.

The Importance of Breathing

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times, but proper breathing and right breathing techniques can really do wonders for stress and anxiety. When our bodies get exposed to a lot of stress, and when we find ourselves in hectic situations, our breathing changes. It becomes more shallow, as adrenaline rushes through our bodies and contracts the diaphragm. This, in turn, leads to the lack of oxygen in our bodies, which only enhances the feeling of anxiety. Now, most of the people tend to panic in these situations, which can only make them more uncomfortable. That’s why when you’re faced with an anxious or stressful situation, you need to take a moment and regulate your breath. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, focus on stomach breathing, inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. This exercise should help relax your diaphragm, and it will help you regulate the level of oxygen in your body. It’s incredibly easy, and it can help quite a lot in anxious situations.

Avoiding Any Type of Toxicity

Everyone knows that eating healthy and properly can significantly help when you deal with stress, however, the toxicity we’re talking about is related to people. Toxic people are those people in your surroundings that fill you up with negative emotions. Whether they like to argue, or they simply try to force their opinion upon you, you should try to keep toxic people away from you. Spending time with someone who only radiates with negative energy is probably the worst investment you can make. As you try to be a friend, they use all of your positivity, and hanging out with that type of people really takes its toll. Avoid negative people altogether will have a huge impact on your mood, and it will most definitely help lowering stress and anxiety levels in your life.

Decluttering Boosts Positive Thinking

It can be pretty challenging to keep track of your day to day job, maintain your home, and do all the other things you need or want to do. When it becomes too challenging, a number of people simply give in to the stress and start ignoring the mess surrounding them. This might seem like a reasonable time management move, but it really isn’t. As human beings we tend to avoid chaos, we usually aim for order and tidiness, so when you start cluttering things around you, you start feeling stressed even unconsciously. Try to find the energy to focus on decluttering your immediate surroundings. It will most definitely help you with stress relief, both while you’re tidying things up, and once you’re done. Focus on enjoying your surroundings rather than feeling anxious about it.

Spending Time Outdoors

Probably one of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety is any type of outdoor activity. Modern working conditions usually call for a lot of sitting in front of a computer in closed spaces. This environment affects our mood in various ways, and none of those ways are positive. When your daily routine gets you stuck inside for long periods of time, hormones that make you feel happy and stress-free produce slowly, or not at all. One of the best ways to deal with this issue is to spend as much of your free time outdoors. If you have enough space at your home, you should focus on gardening. Tending to your plants, helping them grow, and enjoying the way your garden looks is definitely one of the biggest stress reliefs you can find. Staying outdoors, breathing in fresh air, and being physically active does wonders for anxiety and stress. Plan out your garden, look for specific plants and herbs you would like to have, find affordable but reliable gardening equipment and make sure your garden can grow in size. Having a garden can seriously help you deal with all types of stress and anxiety, so start planning and planting today!

Time-Blocking Scheduling Helps

Time-Blocking is setting a specific time schedule for specific tasks. So basically what it does is it helps you organize your time by specific tasks you get to do. Basically, it lays out a clear schedule for your day. For example – you will need to use 30 minutes for answering your emails; you will need an hour to do your chores, and so on. When you’re facing stress and anxiety, one of the biggest problems you face is the feeling that you’re out of control. When you focus on time-blocking schedules, you basically have your entire day planned out. This helps you regain the sense of control over your life and over your stress. So, focus on planning, organizing, and scheduling, and you will have a stress-free life in no time.

Wrapping it up

The era we’re living in is stressful on its own. There are so many factors that affect the way we think, make decisions, and feel about the world. It can sometimes be overwhelming to deal with all of these issues, and stress kicks in. Don’t despair, but try to focus on some of the tips you’ve learned about today. We guarantee that some, if not all of them, can significantly reduce your stress and anxiety in no time.

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