Wide Grip Vs Close Grip

Lat exercises are very common not only in the gym setting but also with workout stations at home. Lat exercises are best for building up the upper body muscles.

 You can work out simply with just pull down equipments or can use different variation exercises to maximize body strength. Exercises should be done in a way that it should not strain any muscle. The weight you choose should be bearable and start the exercise with smaller weights and then move toward heavier weights.

While doing Lat pull down another question arises that whether wide grip exercise is better or the cloer grip exercise.

Below is the review of both types of exercise, their functions, their pros and cons and the most effective exercise.

What are Last Muscles?

Most of the people don’t know about Lat muscles that are actually an abbreviation of the Latissimus dorsi muscle which are the largest group of muscles and ar located at dorsal and lateral side of the body. These muscles are connected inside of the upper arm to pelvis and in upper torso and in the lower back area.

The basic muscles that are included in lat muscles are teres major and minor, rhomboids, serratus posterior inferior and trapezius muscles. The muscles below the shoulder joints also work with it. Width and function of these muscles can be improved by pull down exercises.

Grip that should be used

There are two main ways to do the pull-down and pull up exercises. Close grip lat exercise and wide grip lat exercises. Both of these exercises are important and serve in their own respective manner. But people are always in search of the most beneficial exercise that’s why they always explore the differences between close grip and wide grip lat exercises.

Close grip pull downs are the best exercises to build huge size muscles. This exercise will bulk up the LAT muscles by extending it outward.

Close grip exercises are basically similar to the regular chin up bar exercise in which hands are approximately at the same distance as of shoulder. This will build and bulk up lower lat muscle, and make them larger. To get more information about lat exercises visit latpulldown.net.

But Wide grip exercises are used to bulk up the body in an elongated way that gives the shoulder and targeted muscle a wider and broader look. That is why most people use wide grip pull downs to elongate and widen the shoulder muscles.

You can use wide grip method while doing pull ups this method widely effect people who bring the bar to back of the neck during the workout.

I hope this article helped you to get the up notch information about the lat exercises and difference between close and wide grip lat exercises.

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