Causes of Migraine and How to Deal with It


Brain is the processing part which is completely responsible for the proper functioning of the body. The human brain is capable of handling hundreds of requests per second but in the meantime, when it is put under some hard-decision-making situations randomly and simultaneously, it will get overloaded which is the primary reason for chronic headache. This is medically termed as migraine.


The increased amount of stress and requests that are routed to the brain will be transmitted through the nerves which will make them weak and tired and this can lead to short-term headaches but if this continues then the results may be severe and can cause migraine which will be a problem for the entire functioning of the body. Many reasons which can cause migraine are as follows:

Migraine is nothing but the constant headache which can last nearly 60 to 72 hours constantly which will ruin the daily activity. The primary reason for migraine is the continuous thinking. Stressing the brain constantly will make things worse. Migraine will start to develop from the smaller area and it is capable of spreading up to one-third part of the brain.

Changes in environment are considered to be one of the reasons which can cause migraines. Changes in the environment in the sense, if the person is staying in an air-conditioned area for a period of more than two to three hours the body will accept the temperature and when suddenly the person changes from that area to the room with normal temperature, body will sense the sudden change in environment and this will trigger the brain to adapt instantly. This instant request will put the brain under the stress to take decision quickly and this can cause migraine as well.

Migraines are considered to be genetic diseases which can be passed from traits of the ancestors and this can be followed to the future generation and mutations as well.

Improper dietary aspects and the change in diet without any regularity will also stress the brain to adopt the situation and this can also lead to migraines as well.

Migraine is one of the diseases which cannot be developed so quickly. It is a slow process which starts from mild headache and if the situation which is causing headache continues then it might lead to some severe headache which will cause migraines.

Natural and Medical Treatments to Cure Migraines are As Follows:


#1. When it comes to treating migraines, the person might take two different options, one is treating the migraines using pills based on the doctor’s advice and the other one which a person can take is by treating the migraines naturally. Treating the migraines naturally are as follows:

#2. In most of the cases, the migraines can be avoided or cured by proper diet and regular activities.

#3. During constant headache, acupressure will help the person to get relieved for a certain period of time. Acupressure for headache or migraine is one of the ancient treatment methods which are being followed for many years.

#4. Applying peppermint oil or heating curries leaves in the oil are also capable enough to cure mild headaches.

#5. Medically migraines can be treated by using pills or by using vaccines which can reduce the pain temporarily. To obtain long term relief, one should have to change their daily activity and should do some meditation and relaxation activities which will reduce the stress to an extent and it will keep us refreshed throughout the day.

These are the ways to treat migraines. It is better to change the lifestyle and habits to lead a healthy life rather than treating the disease once after getting affected.

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