The Chemicals that We Use in Our Daily Life

We are confronted with chemicals in our daily life, no matter what we are doing, like traveling to home or office or working on our computer, etc. These chemicals are used in manufacturing or making up our daily products for which we come in contact with on a regular basis. At times they can be harmful to us too, but usually, their percentage is quite low in dairy products to avoid affecting our skin, body and our immunity.

As per the article published on kemi, which states that companies producing products takes the responsibility and guarantee to ensure that the health of the consumer will remain unaffected. The rules and regulations can be different in every state and industry but the idea behind is safety for all.

Let’s have a look at some of the chemicals we use in our daily life:


Do you know the textiles used in preparing the clothes are finished with the help of many chemical processes for improving their characteristics? In addition, the various finishing agents used for making the apparels wrinkle free and strengthening the fabric are also made up of chemicals. These are generally supplied by the big chemical companies.

While manufacturing clothes, the fabric goes through various chemical and non-chemical processes. The treatments involved include pre-treatment, preparation, printing, refinement, and dying of fabrics. The products that are used in preparing the fabrics are categorized to be highly specialized chemicals like flame retardants, warp sides, water repellents and biocides. While others are considered as some of the pure compounds to be used in preparing clothes are greases, waxes, surfactants, and starch. As we wear the clothes every day made through these chemical processes, we get in touch with these chemicals on a regular basis.


One of the common thing in almost every households and have space in every dining table is salt. The salt regularly used in foods is Sodium Chloride represented by the formula NaCl. The salt is used in food within limits and in minute quantities and this is one of the reasons why it doesn’t cause any harm to the consumer.

Salt is used in cooking as well as in preservation. They are commonly produced with the help of three methods, and they are vacuum evaporation, rock salt mining and solar evaporation.



There are much variety of colors that are used in our daily things like iron paint, car paint, wall paint and wood paint. Paints are either water based or oil based, and the same depends upon the solvent for which they are being used with.

Paints are found to be a mixture of many key ingredients like colorants, pigmentation, additives, binders, and carrier or solvent originating from mineral, biological, fossil and various synthetic sources. The performance of paints can be improved by adding more additives like fungicide for acting mold, to make color thick coagulants are added and different other chemicals to protect them from sunlight and water. We come across these paints in one form or the other on regular basis, while commuting to places, or walking beside the wall; we get in touch with them.


washing hand

Whether we need to wash our hands, clothes or body, soaps are used regularly, and it would be difficult to imagine the life of a human without soaps. Detergents are prepared by hydrolysis of ether which in turn is made from acid. So, in one form or the other, we touch soaps on a regular basis and many times in a day.



Who doesn’t use deodorant and perfumes on a daily basis? The fragrance is an aromatic chemical compound that is said to have a smell impact. They ought to vaporize when getting in touch with oxygen to reach our nose. This is one of the reasons why they are kept in narrow neck bottles.

The fragrance is prepared with synthetic or natural substances, and most of them come from plants like flower, wood, root or fruits. The perfumes commonly known for carrying to parties or the offices are a mixture of various fragrant essential oils, solvents and fixatives as they can give your skin a pleasant scent to make them feel fresh and full of aromatic fragrances.

These are five key ingredients that we use on a regular basis that are made up of one or more of the chemicals. Some chemicals are used in minutes quantities so that they don’t affect your skin or body while always keep in touch that you do not use them in high volumes to affect you adversely.

Try to use the organic thing to minimize the intake of chemical on a regular basis.

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