How do we come to know if a hair transplant is permanent or not?

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Just like every permanent problem has a permanent solution, same way, every permanent hair loss, has to have a permanent solution. For, most people, hair transplant surgery conveys a fulfilling, long-term result. A well-experienced surgeon discusses each patients needs, wants, basically all the know-how of hair restoration surgery.

Why choose Hair transplants?

Let’s get to the basics first, let’s get to know hair transplants in a better way.
Hair transplants are nothing but a process of curing baldness, it is done by transferring a person’s part of the hair to the area where there is scanty or no hair growth or those who have thin hair. Mostly the methods done for transplants are FUSS and FUE. Both procedures do not require the patients to be admitted to hospital.

FUSS requires the surgeon to remove a band of scalp from the back area of the patient’s head, which is commonly called ‘donor area’. The hair which is remaining in the donor area covers the clips which are used for closing the slit and later one cover a thin injury once the scalp is healed. The strip is divided into many grafts, each of them has many or few hairs, post preparation of grafts, and they are then placed in small holes in the required area.

FUE Hair Transplant, demands the head from the back of scalp to be shaved, hair follicles are also removed, which leads to small holes which are later on covered in bandages and don’t take a long time to heal. FUE is then transplanted into the area with no hair or thin hair, using the same method as that of Hair grafts harvested during FUSS, grafts are injected in small holes in the required area. Post-healing of the scalp, the left out hair cover small holes of missing hair from donor hair.

What is the guarantee that transplants are permanent?

Hair transplant is mostly considered permanent, which is why it is very necessary to look for an experienced surgeon, the transplanted hair is taken from the back of the scalp, where the hair is more thick, hair line design and planting of grafts must be pre planned

Hair loss is a continuous process, although many times, transplanted grafts are permanent, all things on the body will surely age, the hair which will; be transplanted will be much more fine and will also turn gray, with passing years. The transplanted hair might retain color than normal hair.

So is getting hair transplant right or not?

Hair transplants can be effective for permanent hair loss, but, it is necessary to speak with your doctor, regarding the same.

Doctors generally advice that patients having hair loss try a hair loss medicine, for not less than 6 months or sometime seven one year before going for a transplant.

The best time to get it done is not until one reaches 30 years of age (not in younger days), because by this time the hair loss pattern is more firm. Getting done at a younger age means more surgeries in later years to correct the hairline as chances of more hair fall is there.

The recovery doesn’t take much of the time, after a week of normal activities can be done. The transplanted hair shed over time but also new hair grows in their place.

The Hair transplantation and cost depends upon many things, for example, which place is it done from, who is performing the transplant, how many grafts are being done? So on and so forth.

Some know-how’s of the process

1) The transplanted hair will become like natural hair, in no time and also start shedding between two to four weeks of transplant. The roots also start to erupt and continue this way, until eternity.

2) Using anesthesia makes the process a painless one, making the patient go home that very day.

3) It is very much different from non- surgical hair restoration, in which a pre-decided foundation is attached on the scalp with ability.

4)Having a transplant does not assure you having long hair or full hair, because the results differ in person to person, also the difference is because of a person’s natural hair quality.

5) Ever bald individual is not considered for transplant, the effect differs from case to case.

FUE Hair transplant cost is much reasonable than other places.

Recovery time
Since transplant is non – invasive and many times did as an outpatient basis, so most patients are given permission to shampoo their hair after two or three days, but the scalp still needs to be safeguarded from the sun and other elements post surgery.

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