Massage Therapy Styles and Health Benefits


Massage is the simplest and the oldest form of medical care. It has been practiced for thousands of years. The Greek physicians practiced this as their principal method to relieve any type of pains from the body.  A massage therapy does wonders for your body, mind, and spirit. Do you want to get rid of toxins and get more energy? Then a message is essential for you.

Here is A List of Massage’s You Can Choose From:

Which Massage Styles Are the Best?

Different massage styles are popular at different times. Some massage therapists use oils and lotions, some do not. The duration of a message generally varies between 5 minutes to 2 hours.

Before you decide which massage, style is the best for you, ask yourself a simple question. Why do you want a massage? Is it just for relaxation and stress control? Or do you need help from a certain health condition? Before booking a massage, the therapist should know what you’re looking for and ask which style the therapist uses. The therapist can customize your message, based on your age, condition, or any special requirements you have.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Given is A List of Some of The Most Popular Massage Therapy Styles:

#1. Swedish Massage: This is the most common type of massage therapy. It provides relief to muscle tension. The Swedish therapy is both relaxing and energizing. It may also help after an injury.

#2. Neuromuscular Therapy Massage: This therapy provides treatment to primary causes of chronic pain involving the muscular and nervous systems. It focuses on tender muscles points, circulation, nerve compression, postural issues and biomechanical problems which can be caused by repetitive movement injuries.

#3. Deep Tissue Massage: Deep tissue massage is the best for providing relief to the painful and stiff parts of your body. It can also help with muscle injuries, such as a back sprain. This therapy mostly provides respite to the layers of muscles, tendons and other tissues deep under your skin. This massage can be quite therapeutic, providing relief to chronic patterns of tension.

#4. Sports Massage: Sports massage uses several techniques to help athletes in training- before, during, or after sports events. It may be used to promote flexibility and help prevent injuries. It may also heal muscle strains after a sports injury.

#5. Chair Massage: The chair massages are performed by making you sit fully clothed in a specially designed chair. Normally, during this massage, they usually include a message of your neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands.



#6. Shiatsu Massage: In this massage, the therapist applies varied, rhythmic pressure on the acupressure points of the body, which are believed to be important for the flow of the vital energy in the body. The shiatsu massage helps to get rid of blockages at these acupressure points.

#7. Thai Massage: Thai massage is the combination of elements from Yoga, Ayurveda, and Chinese Massage. This massage is considered to be the ancient therapy for health and healing. Thai massage includes compression of muscles, mobilization of joints, and acupressure.

#8. Hot Stone Massage: In this kind of massage, the therapist’s places warm stones on the acupressure points of the body. The hot stone massage provides comfort as they transmit heat deep into the body.

#9. Reflexology: Reflexology therapy makes the use of the hand, thumb, and finger techniques to stimulate specific areas of the feet. The message is expected to promote health and well-being as these areas correspond to different parts of the body.

#10. Pregnancy Massage: During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through major changes. Pregnancy massage gives relief by decreasing stress, reducing arm, and leg swelling and also relieving muscle and joint pain.

Each and every massage provide different types of benefits. The massages can give you relief from back pain, headache, anxiety and depression, migraine, osteoarthritis, and can even reduce cancer symptoms. You should definitely consult your physician before going for a message.

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