The treatment course for ASD

It has been observed that most of the ASD do close on its own after a surgery. If it does not happen in that way and no problem occurs when there is no need to panic. At the same time if it is persistent then you may need surgery.

Medical monitoring

In case if your child suffers from ASD then the doctor may advise a period of regular monitoring. In doing so it does throw light whether it can close on its own or not. The doctor would also be in a position what form of treatment the child needs. This is on the basis of the overall health of your child along with congenital heart defects.


With medications, you would not go on to repair the whole, but to a certain degree, it is going to reduce the symptoms or signs that accompany ASD. With drugs, you can reduce the complications that may appear once a surgery is over. With medicines, it would be the reduction of blood clots and to keep the heartbeat in working condition.


The doctors are of the opinion that ASD needs to be repaired in the children so that you do not face the complications when you reach the stage of adulthood. In case if you are suffering from severe hypertension doctor would not ask you for a surgery, as it might worsen the condition.

Home remedies and lifestyle changes

Once the surgery is over you would need to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle.


If you are suffering from ASD there is no restriction in terms of physical activities that you can do. In case if you are part of some complications you will not be able to undertake physical exercises. The cardiologist is in a better option to guide you on what is safe. If the defect does appear to be unrepaired, the doctor would not ask you to opt for activities like scuba diving.

How to prepare for the appointment

If the doctor is of the opinion that your child is suffering from ASD then the doctor would recommend you to a cardiologist. There are individuals who specialize in the treatment of this disorder.

At the same time appointments tend to be brief, where there is a lot of scope for discussion. It does make sense so that you are well prepared. This would mean that these symptoms would not strike you back and you can figure out more about the treatment procedure.

There are some things that you can go on to undertake

  • It is better that you note down the various symptoms you are suffering. If it is an occasional one it does make it sense to write it down
  • Do note down all the personal information or any major changes that have taken place in your life
  • Do write down a list of all medications that you have gone on to take till now.

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