5 Types of Personal Injury Claims

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While we’ve all heard about types of personal injury cases, claims courts, and the legal process involved in this area of law, there are still a lot of us out there that think ‘personal injury’ is just one aspect of the law that someone can get compensation for.

Contrary to popular belief, the personal injury side of the law can be a complex and long-winded rabbit hole where there are countless variations and many finer details that vary case to case. However, if you find yourself involved in a personal injury case, you’re going to need to know the difference.

Today, we’re going to explore five of the most unique types of personal injury claims, helping you to identify which one relates to you so you can move forward with your legal claims process.

#1 – Medical Malpractice Claims

We often hear of these kinds of personal injury claim more and more in the media, especially since they are becoming increasingly common. Medical malpractice is a situation where a doctor or nurse makes a mistake; purposefully or otherwise, that results in personal harm to the patient.

This could be in the form of an operation gone wrong, diagnosing a condition incorrectly, or prescribing unlawful medications or dosages.


#2 – Defamation of Character

While this branch of personal injury may not be physical, slandering someone’s character falsely, or in other ways harming someone’s reputation can be a sue-worthy form of personal injury, especially if it’s causing issues in the affected party’s life. This tends to affect celebrities and public figures more than anybody.


#3 – Car Accident Claims

Perhaps one of the most common forms of personal injury claims, car accidents happen all the time, but they can still be a rather complex case, even something that seems small to begin with.

From damages to persons and vehicles to consider, as well as many DUI laws and state regulations to follow, it’s understandable that this is its own personal injury claim type.


#4 – Battery, Assault and Physical Violence

Rather uniquely to a lot of personal injury claim types, this particular claim case doesn’t tend to be an accident, but rather intentional damage or injury caused to another person, group or individual. Consider an intoxicated night out that results in a fight.


#5 – Slip/Fall Claims

This can happen anywhere, such as a workplace or in a public space, such as a supermarket. As the title suggests, this kind of claim relates to a hazard that is present where it shouldn’t be and has put somebody’s life in danger.

This type of claim is dependent and related to premise liability laws and will vary case to case depending on the state of the incident and the laws/rules relating to that area.



As you can see, the umbrella term of ‘personal injury’ can stretch far, and if you ever find yourself in a situation involving a personal injury claim, you need to make sure you’re clued up on what that entails.

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