Full Body Massage Gold Coast


As the name depicts the full body massage Gold Coast is been serving people through decades and providing them with the desired relaxation of mind and body they want. The body massage lasts for 50 to 60 minutes as this is the time approximately to massage all the areas of the body. The areas of the body including your back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, thighs, feet, toes and the chest are gently massaged by the masseur, in order to make them relax and stress-free. It not only relaxes the body but the mind too. You feel leisure and comfort while having a body massage.

Depending upon the area and region and their specialties, massages are also of different types. The following types of massages are very well known worldwide for their unique styles and benefits.

There is a List of Top 10 Body Massage

  • The therapy of Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is carried out by a sequence of gliding strokes, kneads and circular motions to help to release muscles tension and stress. It boosts the circulation of blood throughout your whole body.

  • Aromatherapy massage

An extension of the Swedish massage with aromatic plant oils which are mostly known as essential oils and are added to massage oils. The Swedish massage with this fragrant therapy makes Aromatherapy. It may help you soothing your headache, digestive disorders, insomnia and back pain etc. the therapists use oils to relax and uplift your muscles.

    • Shiatsu massage

A Japanese massage therapy, Shiatsu involves the focused pressure on the specific part for 2 to 8 seconds in a rhythm by the masseur. It is highly effective in the treatment of arthritis and even sinus problems.

  • Thai massage

The Thai massage is like performing yoga, passive stressing and pressing movements. In Thai massage, the therapist stretches your body into the yoga postures increasing your range of motion.

  • Deep tissue massage

It is a therapeutic massage that is focused to target muscle knots called adhesions are deeply pressed or fractioned to make them smooth. It is very helpful and has its best results regarding postural issues and problems.

  • Hot stone massage

As from the name, the hot stone massage includes heated basalt stones which are smooth in nature. The continuous warmth of the stones loses your tight and stressed muscles making them relax. Hot stone massage in Gold Coast is the best massage therapy to the massage lovers in Australia. The Hot stone massage Gold Coast is useful for certain medical conditions like diabetes, varicose veins, blood pressure, and heart disease.

  • Reflexology

Reflex areas like on hands and feet are treated by putting pressure and by kneading and rubbing to promote relaxation and healing in the body. It balances your nervous system and increases the endorphin levels that’ll make you happy and relax and reduces discomfort.

  • Pregnancy or Prenatal massage

Like a full body massage in Gold Coast, the pregnancy massage also contributes to the whole body. It is also known as prenatal massage. As it is very beneficial for the lower back pain and the disturbed ankles and knees. It is a natural and drug-free way to relief.

  • Couples massage

Couples massage in Gold Coast is becoming a favorite choice for the couples. As the couple gets treated together by the same therapist one by one together. Couples massage Gold Coast provides you an opportunity to get a therapy together without any hesitation of being felt alone. It increases the comfort level of the person and allows the client to enjoy with someone very special and getting the feeling of massage together. In this way, couples get an opportunity to relax together and understand better in a calm and soothing environment which makes their relationship more reliable and strong.

  • Trigger point massage

In a full body massage in Gold Coast, you get you all body massaged by the therapist regardless of the fact that from which area you really want results by the massage therapy. The same way trigger point massage therapy hits directly the areas of stress through the direct approach to the trigger points. It dispels the chronic tension in the muscles like deep tissue massage. It has a reputation for being painful though very beneficial.

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