Things to Keep in Mind While Using A Sterilizer

Using a sterilizer may sound like the simplest thing on earth, but in most cases, you might find it confusing when you must do it. However, sterilizing is something extremely important for the health of you and your family at times. It is more important for the children in your house, including the infants, who must be kept under constant supervision to prevent them from falling ill. If you want to keep bacteria away from your baby, then you should buy a sterilizer. Let us look at a few things that a sterilizer helps you in:

  • To Sterilise the Baby’s Spoon – A child under the age of 2 is generally fed nothing but breast milk. However, there are many such cases where the parents might decide to introduce solid foods to the child. The feeding in such cases must be done with a spoon, something which can carry a lot of germs if not sterilized.
  • The Baby Bottles – The feeding bottles of the babies are supposed to be put in a sterilizer as often as possible to prevent them from being infected with the deadly germs. If the germs enter the digestive system of the child, then they are bound to cause diseases like Diarrhoea, Dysentery, or other kinds of stomach upsets. The digestive systems of the infants are less immunized and are thus susceptible to be affected by unwashed, infected commodities. Hence, using a sterilizer to get them disinfected is a must for every parent.
  • To Sterilise Every Other Thing That Your Baby Puts in Its Mouth – A sterilizer must not only be used to disinfect bottles and spoons, but even the oral toys must be equally sanitized to prevent any untoward incident. Further, if you do not give filtered water to your child and are concerned about its safety, then, using a sterilizer to make it safe is not a bad option after all.

The Various Types of Sterilizer

There are many ways in which you can utilize a sterilizer to disinfect your child’s equipment, but they can primarily class into 3 types –

  1. Microwave sterilizer– The microwave sterilizers operate from a certain kind of technology that helps you to destroy all the harmful bacteria from the child’s objects by disinfecting them with the help of the heat that is generated in the microwave. This is a very safe process, as it does not include any kind of chemical treatment, and thus ensures that your child will not get any allergic reaction from the chemicals.
  2. Cold water sterilizer – These come with tablets and containers with lids. You need to only put the tablet into the container, add the required amount of cold water, put the objects which you wish to sterilize in it, and then wait for a few minutes.
  3. Electric sterilizer – An electric sterilizer is also easy to use, as it only needs to be plugged for the electric supply. The steam generated in the container from the electricity helps to kill all the harmful germs, leaving the things safe and usable for your beloved children.



How Big A Steriliser Must You Buy?

If you are not sure about the size of the sterilizer that you must be using, you can easily give a thought about how many objects you need to disinfect at one go, and then choose. People choose various kinds of sizes: for 4 bottles, for 8 bottles, and so on. This is purely dependent on your requirement and thus not something the shop owner might know about. You should buy a steam sterilizer as it will give you more benefits than the dishwasher. However, he can also help you with choosing the right one for your baby, only if you give him a description of your requirements.

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