What to do for Beard Hair loss While Brushing or Combing?

Reasons for beard hair

Adopting the unique beard styles is becoming the trend these days so witnessing the excessive loss of beard hair cannot be less than any nightmare as it could end up you all styles. If you are also want to have the unusual or celebrity inspired style of your beard but cannot have due to abrupt or excessive loss of beard hair then it is time to act wisely and do extra care of your beard hair.

Reasons for beard hair loss

There can be various reasons for the loss of beard hair such as

  • Over and aggressive washing of beard hair can damage your beard and even to your scalp hair.
  • Aggressive drying can also damage the hair follicles and can break them from roots. You should pat your wet beard hair and let them dry naturally.
  • Over combing or brushing may also damage the roots of beard hair follicles and even bad technique of combing may also have adverse effects.
  • Your choice of comb or brush may also become culprit for the loss of beard hair as comb or brush made up of metal with uneven crafting and having small splits in the material then it could rip your hair out from the skin.
  • Choice of chemical-based products for styling or washing of beard hair can damage them as chemicals are harsh on natural hair and even the excessive and overuse of these hair styling products may also damage your beard hair.
  • Some medical conditions like cancer or thyroid can also lead to loss of scalp hair and even facial or other body hair can also get affected due to these conditions.
  • Loss of beard hair due to some trauma, skin burn or injury can also lead to patchy beard.
  • Scars of some accidents can also stop the hair to grow as a result of which patient could not have the hair on that particular area of beard.

What to do for beard hair loss?

Reasons for beard hair

You can treat your beard loss in many ways depending upon the reason of hair loss like if you are having beard hair loss due to wrong hair styling or washing habits as discussed above then following are some ways to control this hair loss

  1. Switch to beard wash 1-3 times a week than washing daily and even you should be gentle for washing and drying your beard hair.
  2. Use the proper and good technique of styling your beard so that you could control loss of beard hair.
  3. Use the good quality of comb or brush for beard so that it could be gentle and perfect for your beard hair.
  4. Oil massage with oil can also pamper your hair and nourish them so it can also stop the loss of hair.
  5. If you are having hair loss due to some medical reasons or some other health conditions as discussed above then following ways could help you.
  6. Doctors also prescribe some hair loss controlling medicines to control loss of beard hair loss.

Surgical option to restore beard hair

Most of the people choose hair transplant to restore their scalp hair naturally for lifetime similarly if you are having patchy or bald spots in your beard due to some accident or injury then medications or hair care ideas cannot work for you and then modern method of beard hair transplant can be the most effective way to restore the desired volume, shape and style of your beard.

Beard hair transplant is the advanced procedure in which FUE Hair Transplant method is used to restore the beard hair of patient as per his requirements and realistic desires. In this method best match of hair follicles in terms of texture, color , nature, DHT resistant and length is considered so accordingly hair follicles are extracted from the scalp areas of the patient called donor area generally it lies in the back areas of head. Then as per the desired style, direction, density and depth of the existing beard hair, new hair follicles are transplanted carefully so that patient could have the natural appearance after the surgery.

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