All about pregnancy that every woman should know

All about pregnancy that every woman should know

Pregnancy is the most memorable and blessed stage in the life of every woman. Couples usually have a lot of dreams for their baby. The women, who are unable to conceive adopt the test tube baby technique to have their own kid. They try to pick the best test tube baby clinic to fulfill their dream to have a little blessing on their hands. If you are also pregnant or planning to become pregnant then you might have heard lot of things about pregnancy period to prepare yourself. Undoubtedly, pregnancy is a miracle but women have to suffer during this period. From the stage of swelling to nausea, many things happened with your pregnancy bump. Here are some tips for the future mother to make life more manageable.

All about pregnancy that every woman should know


  1. Keep pillow with you:

Placing a pillow under bump and between knees offer a lot of comfort to the pregnant lady.

  1. Avoid bra for some time:

Try to avoid wearing a bra during pregnancy as pregnancies are notoriously brutal in summars because of sweating. Stay relaxed and don’t wear a bra until it’s too much required.

  1. Take the help of others


Tell people frankly from where you want help. No doubt if you are an independent woman, but in this stage, you shouldn’t denied for taking help.

  1. Stay hydrated:

Keep a water bottle with you always as regular consumption of water will keep you and baby healthy and feeling the best.

  1. Try yoga for nausea


Yoga can be very beneficial in pregnancy but make sure that you have relaxing maternity active leggings to start yoga. Don’t do stretching poses. Poses like Baddha Konasana or Supta Virasana are the best in pregnancy.

  1. Increase your Vitamin intake

Pregnancy is the crucial stage when you have to do something about your health. If you are not getting enough vitamins then it’s time to increase your vitamin intake. Consult with you doctor to get guidance about the supplements you can consume. If you want to increase the vitamin intake then popping some fruit slices in the water is the best solution. It has two benefits as it will keep you hydrated and intake of Vitamin C to make you feel healthier daily.

  1. Sugar scrub can remove stretch marks


When there is too much weight gain at a rapid speed then it results in stretch marks. These stretch marks can be seen on the breasts, hips and lower abdomen of the women. So, this area has more elasticity than rest of the body. Use a sugar scrub thrice in a week to eliminate dead skin cells. It will nurture new skin which will give your skin a better look.

These simple hacks will help every pregnant women to pass through this stage with full preparation. Keep an eye on the comfortable things that can make you feel relaxed. Never compromise with your comfort during this period. Stay hydrated and get ready for the next stage of life as a mother. Enjoy the blessing of God with full preparation.

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