Brain boosts, calories burn and 2 other amazing benefits of being in the cold weather

When the winter comes we rarely think about benefits the cold weather can bring to us. We long for summer, nice, warm weather, beaches, ice tea in a wonderful sunset, long days, outdoor fun with friends and family, light, colourful clothes, smiling people… Thinking of winter, there is always an image of us snuggling under a warm blanket, in front of a TV or with a book in our hands, hot tea and not getting out much. Unless you are a winter sports lover, but even when you consider only fun you will have on snow, not the benefits that cold weather brings us. You may be surprised with just how many benefits cold weather can bring to us.

1. Your brain likes the cold

Actually, your brain works better on lower temperatures than on high ones. Studies have shown that school children that studied in classrooms with temperature decreased by 5°C had better results than their colleagues in classrooms with higher temperatures. Cold temperatures help people think more clearly because during the cold weather our body uses less glucose that is needed for proper brain functioning. If you are a student and have problems learning your lesson, try and take a brisk walk in cold weather or, if you are stuck with your studying during hot summer days, take a cold shower. It should help you learn your lesson quicker and better. Same goes for business ideas that just won’t co0me to you – try cooling them down and you will be surprised that you find the solution easier.

2. Cold weather helps burn calories

Although it seems we eat more during winter months, we also burn more calories. We do eat more during cold weather as cold increases our appetite to help our bodies store more fat we need to heat ourselves. The same mechanism is responsible for burning more calories. We need the energy to keep our bodies warm enough so our organism can perform to its best. During the cold weather, we lose body temperature and our organism is reaching for its fat reserves to make energy needed for keeping us warm. Scientists differentiate two types of fat – white fat and brown fat. White fat is responsible for obesity while brown fat is, so-called, good fat and it helps burn calories faster. During the cold exposure, brown fat increases and helps boost metabolism thus helping calories burn faster.

3. Fun in the snow

Even we don’t think of fun as a benefit, it actually is one of the biggest benefits during the winter time. It helps boost our spirit, help us think more positive, gives us much needed “injections” of endorphin and it is great for our health as well. There are many winter sports that we can take part in like skiing, snowboarding, ski running, plain walks, sledding – if it involves physical activity than it is what you are looking for. For true winter sports lovers, winter is the magical time of the year. Sometimes, they can spend the whole year planning where to go for winter sports experience they will enjoy the most. Skiing in Japan can be one of those experiences you would remember for as long as you live. Imagine skiing in a land of a rising sun and enjoy that magnificent culture that can’t be found anywhere else.

4. Health benefits

Even though it seems we catch more colds during the winter time it is surprising that our immune system is working better and help us fight cold faster and more efficient. Cold weather helps reduce viruses and diseases transmissible by insects so it isles likely that we can catch something.  Cold weather activities can help you stay healthier. Your heart will have to pump more oxygenated blood to compensate for the activity and ensures body temperature stays on the desired level. Winter time is practically allergy free as most allergens such as pollen are gone. Cold helps decrease inflammations. Professional sportsmen use ice cold baths after extreme exercises to help them relax and help their muscle recover fast.

Winter time and cold weather can bring us lots of benefits. Our health can become better, we can learn more and faster, we can have fun, we can burn calories faster and lose some weight. Use all the benefits and enjoy them.

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