Brain boosts, calories burn and 2 other amazing benefits of being in the cold weather

When the winter comes we rarely think about benefits the cold weather can bring to us. We long for summer, nice, warm weather, beaches, ice tea in a wonderful sunset, long days, outdoor fun with friends and family, light, colourful clothes, smiling people… Thinking of winter, there is always an image of us snuggling under a warm blanket, in front of a TV or with a book in our hands, hot tea and not getting out much. Unless you are a winter sports lover, but even when you consider only fun you will have on snow, not the benefits that cold weather brings us. You may be surprised with just how many benefits cold weather can bring to us. 1. Your brain likes the cold Actually, your brain works better on lower temperatures than on high ones. Studies have shown that school children that studied in classrooms with temperature decreased by 5°C had better results than their colleagues in classrooms with higher temperatures. Cold temperatures help people think more clearly because during the cold weather our body uses less glucose that is needed for proper brain functioning. If you are a student and have problems learning your lesson, try and […]

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