Debunking Fictitious Stories about Adult Circumcision Surgery

There are times when you think of having adult circumcision surgery and finally make up your mind on undergoing the procedure. You are happy and decide to discuss it with your friends to take some advice. But as soon as you start the conversation, it is interrupted by an old friend of you, whom you have not seen in years. He happily joins the discussion but he raises your suspicions about the surgery.

He shares his experience of having the surgery and how it had so many negative effects on his health and appearance. His talk makes you doubtful on having the procedure at all. So what will be your strategy? How will you eradicate the myth surrounding the threats to your health?

Adult Circumcision Surgery:

The foremost thing to know what is adult circumcision surgery? The procedure involves the removal of the extensive foreskin that is covering the tip of the penis. Circumcision is performed for any medical or cosmetic reasons. Many methods are used as a procedure including; Gomco clamp, Plastibell clamp, and Morgan clamp. Special care must be taken pre and post surgery to avoid any complications.

Advantages of the Surgery:

If your friend’s experience has made you worry about having the surgery then in order to abolish the doubts, you need to know the many medical benefits this surgery will provide you. Most of these advantages are medial related and they are mentioned below;

  1. It reduces the risk of having an infection in the urinary tract. It is caused by the bacteria that attack the tube and the opening of the penis. The removal of the extra skin helps in cleanliness in a better way.
  2. Many diseases are transmitted when a sexual act is performed but circumcision surgery prevents them from transferring from one person to another.
  3. Men are more prone to have cervical and penile cancer so this procedure reduces the risk of developing one.
  4. When men don’t keep a check on their hygiene of the foreskin at the tip of their penis they can have inflammation on the skin and glans. It prevents such conditions from ever happening.
  5. There are circumstances when the skin gets tightened over the penis. Adult circumcision can assist in fixing this problem also.

You can contact any good surgeon in the Atlanta area to discuss your potential worries concerning the surgery. Circumcision Center has the best surgeons like many other clinics in the city that can assist you in every step.

Eradication of Fictitious Stories about the Surgery:

It is very natural that you worry about the circumcision surgery as there are many stories on the internet concerning the surgery gone wrong. But not all the information on the net is authentic, so you need to verify whatever you research. Here are busting myths adult circumcisions that concern you;

It is only for Infants:

No, it is not only infants but also adults can have it, although the tools and procedures are different. In the past, it was done only for religious and cultural reasons but now most of the adult males prefer having this procedure for various medical problems.

Too much Expensive:

People think that circumcision surgery is too expensive to afford but if you compare this procedure with others then you will see that it cost much less. An average of $1,600 is charged for the surgery but it may vary from clinic to clinic.

More Pain in Adults:

This is another myth that needs to be debunked. The children feel more pain as it is dangerous to administer any type of anesthesia but the surgeon can either general or local one in adults to reduce the surgical pain. Painkillers are given afterward to relieve them of the pain.

Longer Recovery Time:

It takes 3-4 weeks to fully recover from the surgery but people spread terror that it takes months to fully heal. During this time you will be restricted to do any rigorous exercises but regular jobs like; taking bath, going for work and other light works can be done.

Administration of General Anesthesia Only:

Many of the family and friends give wrong info about the administration of the type of anesthesia in adult circumcision surgery. The surgeon can give you either local or general anesthesia. This depends on the condition of the patient.

The sensation is decreased:

Most men think that it will reduce that sensation of the penis and affect the sexual pleasure. But research has shown that it is quite the opposite.

Increases Infection Risks:

As discussed earlier that the surgery reduced the risks of infections. The men who don’t have their circumcision done develop many diseases in comparison with those who were circumcised.

So you must feel satisfied with the misconceptions that surround the surgery and had decided on your own to have adult circumcision surgery from a well-reputed surgeon in the city of Atlanta.

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