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While listening to other people, you can find a lot of… well, let’s just call them “untruths”. Not necessarily lies. Just lack of real information and mostly just things they’ve heard from other people. Everyone does this. And it’s quite unfortunate, as many useful things all around us are sent to this dark void, where all wrongly described things go to.

And it’s no lie that Botox doesn’t really have the best reputation. In fact, while it is a very commonly used word, it’s not really used in particularly positive contexts, nor is its connotation any better. Most think of Botox as that thing their favorite celebrities get, where some weird goo is injected into your face and you look like a plastic doll. But the truth couldn’t be further from this statement.

The Botox injection in New York City has become the most widespread form of professional skin treatment and care. It helps in a large variety of ways, from deaging skin, to straightening out wrinkles, to breathing new life into worn out skin, making it more vibrant. It doesn’t puff you up, it doesn’t give your skin that glossy layer you see on TV. It simply works to accomplish the tasks I previously mentioned.

But before we can talk about its safety, results and effects, we should take a look at how Botox works.

How it works

Whether you notice it or not, your muscles are constantly under a lot of strain. You can’t control this; there is no switch in your body that turn this off. Your skin is just under constant strain whether you like it or not.

And this strain is what actually creates a lot of the age marks on our bodies. All the wrinkles and trenches form after years of muscle strain, which has worn out the skin above it.

Botox has a special ability, which allows it to cool off the muscle, allowing it to rest easy. With the muscles relaxed, the skin above begins to tighten and straighten itself out, leaving nothing but smooth skin above, that’s tighter and looks younger, with the muscle below not having to go through so much work.

It’s really as simple as that. No weird plastic goo, no scary chemicals. It’s just a simple injection that soothes the muscles of the face. So, if you’ve ever been curious about what Botox actually does, well, here it is.

The Procedure

If there’s any correct popular notion about the Botox injection, it’s that it truly is an injection. In fact, it’s a series of injection, which distribute the Botox compound into designated parts of the body. The number and placement of the injections will depend on the results you’re looking for.

And if you’re afraid of needles, you really have nothing to worry about, since the doctors utilize a special numbing gel to eliminate any discomfort. Since the procedure is nothing more than a few injections in different parts of the face and/or body, it will last around half an hour.

So, if you’ve ever been hesitant to visit a skin care clinic out of fear of having to lie on an operating table for hours as the doctor works, you don’t have to. You just sit back for 30 minutes and you’re free to go.

The Safety Dance

Worrying about any kind of procedure, especially when the human body is involved, is absolutely natural. Everyone gets nervous. Even if they go to a simple procedure, which may not be in any way dangerous.

And safety is another big plus of Botox. Since it’s merely an injection, the procedure is non-invasive, which means there’s no cutting or opening up any parts of the body. It’s just a simple injection, so fewer risks.

Also, the Botox compound has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It has gone through constant research, development and experimenting to ensure that it is absolutely safe to use and cannot cause any harm.

Botox is used with utmost care and to work with it requires the doctor to have some very serious qualifications; ones that will ensure that they know exactly what they’re doing.

Before Signing Up

As with pretty much anything else in life, you’ll need some extra useful information before signing up to try Botox for yourself. First of all, check with your doctor. Sure, Botox has been tested to be as safe as possible. But unfortunately, we can’t predict how anyone can react to it. Everyone’s body is different, so just to be on the safe side, talk to the doctor.

Once you get the green light from your doctor, it’ll be a good idea to ask your friends and the people you know for some really nice clinics you could try out. Chances are you’ll have some friends who have received some form of skin care who would be willing to share their clinic with you.

If not, you can start searching online. If you live in densely populated areas life NYC, chances are you’ll find a ton of good options. Look into their prices, their treatments and everything they have to offer. But most importantly, look into the client reviews; how positive they are, what the results have been and have the results been met.

But to save you time and keep you from all this hassle, I could just recommend MiracleFace MedSpa if you happen to be looking for a Botox treatment in the New York area.

Staff’s great, the treatments work wonders and clients have been leaving the clinic with big smiles on their faces for many years.

And speaking of smiles; if you feel like you don’t want to smile, because of all those wrinkles, all the skin that flaps about, if this is something that discomforts you, give Botox a try. It’s highly accessible, but most importantly; super safe.

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