Tips on How to Use Pressure Points to Massage

Massage Therapy

Our bodies contains a lot of pressure points and it is believed that pressing this pressure points can actually affect all the other parts of your body as well as improve the overall health. Acupressure as it is commonly known as, has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years as a way of relieving pain.

The idea behind acupressure is that when you apply pressure to the various pressure points in our bodies you are going to bring balance of energy in the body which will in turn improve health. You can try acupressure at home but for the best feeling you might want to consider to hire a mobile therapist from My Home Therapy as they know exactly what to do and when to do it in order to stimulate those pressure points.

Massage Therapy

Using the pressure points is a risk free practice so you can be sure to do it on your own at home or under the recommendation of your doctor. In order to use this pressure points to massage you will first need to know where they are, right? Well, our bodies has lots of them and in this article we are going to be exploring some of these pressure points. Keep reading and get to know everything you need to know about pressure points so that you can be sure to use them effectively on your next massage.

  • Lung meridian.

The lung meridian is located towards the edge of your palm, it runs from the tip of your thumb all the way past the crease in your wrist. To make most of this pressure point, be sure to rub any sore spot on the lung meridian and it is going to help relieve symptoms that are associated with cold including sore throat, sneezing as well as chills.

  • Heart 7.

This pressure point is found on your wrist, outside the small bone that is usually in line with your little finger. The traditional name for this pressure point is spirit gate. When a massage therapist applies some pressure on the spirit gate, it is going to prevent insomnia, depression, heart diseases and anxiety.

  • Inner gate point.

This pressure point is not found directly to your hand. To find the gate point, place your hand palm up and use your 3 fingers to measure at least an inch down your wrist. It is found approximately to the center of your wrist. As a massage therapist, use your thumb to firmly massage the pressure point and it can help with digestive problems, stomach pain and it also plays a great role when it comes to relieving nausea.

  • Hand valley point.

The hand point pressure point is usually found between your thumb and your first finger. Applying some firm pressure on to the hand valley pressure point will help reduce the stress of your client, and it will stop migraines. It is also believed to help reduce or even stop pain in your teeth, shoulders, and neck.

  • Outer gate point.

The outer gate point pressure point is almost parallel to your inner gate point and it is found on top side of your arm and hand in between two tendons. By applying pressure on the outer gate point, it will boost the energy of your client and it is also believed that applying pressure of outer gate point can also improve the immune system.

  • Base of thumb point.

The base of thumb pressure point can be easily located by simply tracing it using one of your fingers down to your palm side of your thumb until you are at the point where your wrist crease. By applying pressure gently on this pressure point, it will help alleviate respiratory and breathing issues.

  • Small intestine 3.

This pressure point is located on the side of your hand below the small finger and above your hands large creases. By applying some gentle pressure to it, it is going to help relieve headache, neck pain, earache and other pains in the back of your head.

  • Ten dispersions.

These pressure points are located at the tips of your fingers meaning they are a total of 10 pressure points. By applying relative pressure on this 10 pressure points or you use acupuncture on this points, it will help relieve common flu symptoms like sore throat and high fever. It is also believed that applying pressure on them can help treat epilepsy or coma.

  • Four seams.

These pressure points are found in the large joints in your middle finger, ring finger, index finger, and little finger. By applying gentle pressure on these pressure points, it is going to help reduce digestive problems more especially on children.

Do the pressure points work?

As we have established, acupressure has been in use for over 3000 years by the Chinese for pain relieve purposes. Of late, the acupuncture methods have started being used in the west to treat different conditions like intestinal problems and urinary tract infections but in most cases it is being used for pain relief. In most cases acupressure even in the western countries is being practiced by traditional Chinese traditional practitioners. In the recent years, some massage therapists are including use of the pressure points during the massage therapy sessions.

 However, there is not enough peer reviewed studies on the importance of the pressure points and how useful they are or if they have any healing effects. Most of the evidence is from the traditional medicine of the Chinese.

If you want to try acupressure on your own, you can go ahead because there is no side effect of applying pressure on the pressure points unless if the pressure points are in pain. Also you can be sure of continuing with your medication from the doctor as you continue trying pressure point therapy. If you ever had issues with blood clots it might be wise if you contact your doctor before receiving massage or acupressure.

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