2018 Cosmetic Dentistry Trends To Look Out For

cosmetic dentistry

Dentistry is always getting more and more advanced, and this is clearly evident in the way cosmetic dentistry is moving forward into 2018. Cosmetic dentistry used to be about oversized veneers and whiter than white teeth, but the industry has moved on from this classic Hollywood look. Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry is more about overall health, subtle shaping and restoring your most natural looking smile. In 2018, you should expect to see the following cosmetic and restorative dentistry trends take off. 1. Teeth Straightening Orthodontic methods of straightening crooked teeth have come a long way since the days of fixed metal tram line braces. While it might be difficult to grow up with braces, more and more adults are heading down the teeth straightening route in order to achieve a perfect smile in time for a big event. You can now choose from invisible aligners that are made of plastic and are virtually undetectable, or you can copy for fixed braces that sit behind the teeth, known as lingual braces. The options are endless and a lot more subtle than previous iterations. 2. Teeth Whitening We now know that over whitening your teeth can lead to weakening of the enamel and […]

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Know the Benefits of Specialist for Denture Implants

Denture implants

The role of a specialized dentist for denture implants is very crucial. You must approach the one who guarantees accurate work for complete satisfaction. The services of an expert would be necessary to enjoy the oral health and keep away from further dental issues. The doctor needs to examine the oral diseases and handle them in chronology so as to reduce the pain of the client who visits the clinic. In case, the treatment is not done efficiently, he might lose the trust of the patient as well as his other family members. The dentist should be updated with the latest technological developments to know the procedure for the new digital denture implants. It is one of the latest ways for the tooth replacement and is getting famous due to the painless procedure. If you are confused about the denture implants, have a look at the benefits mentioned below to get it done by a specialized dentist. Comfortable Treatment:The dentist’s treatments have become important for people worldwide. When you are affected by the issues with gum or tooth decay, of course, you will visit your family dentist for the treatment. The denture implants are one such treatment that should be […]

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Pros And Cons Of Invisalign


Statistics shows that around 65% of the people do not have well-aligned front teeth. Good thing is that there is a new alternative to braces to perfect your teeth. Invisalign is an efficient technology that uses clear aligners to fix spacing issues, crowding and bite imperfections. This article will discuss the Pros and Cons of invisalign use. PROS AND CONS OF INVISALIGN  PROS 1. No food restrictions Patients are always advised to avoid chew gums and eating certain foods once they get their braces fixed. In fact, if you eat some foods, you will end up damaging your wires or brackets. The good thing with invisalign is that you are allowed to eat whatever you like. The aligners can be taken off your teeth easily so you do not have to worry about damaging them. 2. Easier to Clean People with braces always encounter difficulties when brushing their teeth. Food gets stuck in places that your toothbrush can’t reach. This is why you find most people with braces have plaque or tartar build up on the teeth. On the other hand, people with invisalign aligners have an easy time cleaning their teeth. You can pop out the aligners easily and […]

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Is dental implants Poland worth the cost?

What are dental implants? It might be hard to imagine, but dental implants have been in use for a really long time. It is proved that even Egyptian mummies had implants made of pure gold. Nowadays, more and more people suffer from teeth loss, as a result of which many patients looking for dental implants are fewer than 50. Implants are screws made of titanium which replace a tooth root. They are put into the jawbone surgically in place of a missing tooth. Titanium is currently the highest-quality material that can be used for implants. Implants serve as anchors for crowns, bridges or dentures. The implant is not visible as it is in the jawbone, what is visible, however, is a crown placed on implants. After implants are installed, they integrate and bond with the bone. Dental implants also help prevent bone loss resulting in missing teeth and preserve a facial structure. When are dental implants abroad used? Dental implants are a great alternative to other, older teeth replacement solutions. If patients are tired of slipping, removable dentures which cause embarrassment and inability to eat a favourite food, the implant will be the best solution. They are the permanent, non-removable […]

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4 Prevention Tips to Avoid Bacteria While Wearing Braces

  Having braces means that you are going to have a great smile and aligned teeth when they come off but your excitement at having them removed may be dampened when you discover that they your teeth are properly aligned but stained. But having braces can present some challenges of its own when it comes to maintaining your oral hygiene as lack of proper cleaning on your part can increase the risk of dental infections. Causes of Staining While Wearing Braces Braces are made up of brackets and wires that tend to hide food particles which cause plaque to build up effectively causing the discoloration of your teeth. So the braces themselves don’t discolour your teeth but rather the film of plaque that forms over your teeth which needs constant cleaning. This is also due to poor oral hygiene on your part. Admittedly wearing braces makes it a lot harder for you to remove plaque from your teeth which causes bacteria to build up in your mouth and increase the rate of tooth demineralization, causing white spots to form on the surface of your teeth. These white spots tend to increase your chances of tooth decay and gingivitis when you […]

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