Effects Of Makeup To The Skin And Alternatives To It

Makeup is any substance people apply to their skin or nails for either decoration or disguise. The use of makeup as disguise is sometimes extreme; everyone has seen movies in which actors are made up to look like zombies, aliens, or other inhuman monsters. However, in daily life, makeup is most often used to create the illusion of an excellent complexion. In short, most people use makeup to cover up perceived or real flaws in their skin. Got freckles? Unwanted shine? Pale eyelashes? Spotty nails? Large pores? Redness? Dark circles under your eyes? Puffiness? Spider veins? Scars? Bruises? Blackheads? Fungal infections? Makeup can smooth it all over and make your skin look (if not actually be) unblemished and healthy. Wearing makeup is a very personal act that helps some people feel more attractive and confident. “Putting your face on” is a cherished daily ritual for some people. But it is also a highly social act. Cosmetics contain a variety of ingredients, some good, some not so good, and some even potentially dangerous. Because so many people use makeup daily, an alarming amount can actually be absorbed into the skin, or breathed in to the lungs. Certain chemicals have been linked […]

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