6 Things to Know about Penile Implant Procedure and Recovery – In 2024

Sex is very important for every human. The primary role of sex is reproduction. But sex is also a way to meet physical needs, as well as to connect emotionally and physically with another person. In addition, there are also a lot of health benefits of having regular sex, especially when it comes to a monogamous relationship. For all these reasons, erectile dysfunction is a very big problem for every man who encounters it. Probably that is biggest not-fatal health issue for every man. In addition to not being able to meet natural physical needs, it also causes mental problems because erectile dysfunction can lead to feeling of shame, unworthiness and much more. That is why it is something that must be treated. The most popular method of treatment is medication, but they have a short-term effect and can potentially be dangerous for the heart. Fortunately for all those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, there is something called penile implant surgery. Keep reading and learn the things you should know about penile implant procedure and recovery. 1. What is erectile dysfunction? The first thing you need to know is what exactly impotence is. It can happen to everyone at some […]

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