6 Things to Know about Penile Implant Procedure and Recovery – In 2024

Sex is very important for every human. The primary role of sex is reproduction. But sex is also a way to meet physical needs, as well as to connect emotionally and physically with another person. In addition, there are also a lot of health benefits of having regular sex, especially when it comes to a monogamous relationship. For all these reasons, erectile dysfunction is a very big problem for every man who encounters it. Probably that is biggest not-fatal health issue for every man.

In addition to not being able to meet natural physical needs, it also causes mental problems because erectile dysfunction can lead to feeling of shame, unworthiness and much more. That is why it is something that must be treated. The most popular method of treatment is medication, but they have a short-term effect and can potentially be dangerous for the heart. Fortunately for all those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, there is something called penile implant surgery. Keep reading and learn the things you should know about penile implant procedure and recovery.

1. What is erectile dysfunction?

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The first thing you need to know is what exactly impotence is. It can happen to everyone at some point that he cannot achieve an erection, but it is certainly not a sign of impotence. Only when this is repeated several times in a shorter period of time or when an erection cannot be achieved at all, then it is a sign that you are suffering from impotence.

Then it’s time to see a doctor, because it doesn’t have to be a physical problem, but it can be a mental one. Stress is one of the most common causes.

2. What is penile implant procedure?

If your doctor has recommended a penile implant as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, you are certainly very interested in finding out what it is, and you are probably a little scared. There is no reason to worry though. It is a procedure that involves placing an implant or prosthesis, which is the same thing, only someone calls the implant and someone the prosthesis. This implant will help you get an erection.

The implant will not affect the size of the penis, nor the feeling you have in it. Everything will be the same as before the operation, neither better nor worse. The only function of implant is to achieve an erection.

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All those who have tried the drugs without success and all those who want to have sex but cannot as a result of erectile dysfunction are suitable for this procedure. If the cause of erectile dysfunction is a lack of desire for sex, stress or the like, then the problem is approached differently.

3. Types of implants

There are two types of implants. These two types are inflatable and non-inflatable. Inflatable can be two-piece and three-piece. Although called inflatable, this type of implant does not use air to fulfill its role. It uses a special fluid whose reservoir is built into the body. When you choose inflatable ones, you will have manual control over achieving an erection. This type of implant requires more complex surgical intervention than is required for non-inflatable.

As for the difference between two-piece and three-piece, three-piece allows for a very firm erection, but the operation is even more complicated and there are also more parts that can break down. The fluid reservoir is then implanted in the abdomen and the rest in the penis and scrotum. While with the two-piece nothing is implanted in the abdomen. But an erection is less firm compared to three-piece implants. If you want to see what two-piece and three-piece look like and get a better impression, visit darelzokora.com
Non-inflatable is a good option due to the simple operation, but it has several drawbacks.

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The biggest drawback is that your penis will always be semi-rigid, which is not comfortable for everyday functioning. Especially in the beginning until you get used to it. It will be much easier later.

4. What to do before surgery?

Once you have decided which type of implant you want, it remains to prepare for the surgery itself. The doctor explained to you in advance everything that will happen during and after the procedure.

This type of procedure is not nearly as complicated as some other operations, so everything will be completed in one day and you will go home that day, if there are no complications. You should follow some general tips such as not eating for at least 12 hours before the procedure. It is also best to wear baggy pants or a tracksuit, because that part will be swollen. It is not necessary to make any lifestyle adjustments prior. The whole procedure is more reminiscent of the implantation of dental implants than a serious operation.

5. Recovery

As we have already said, immediately after the procedure, that part of your body will be swollen and you will probably be a little numb from the anesthesia. You will have a urinary catheter all next day. They will give you painkillers and wait a few hours before sending you home.

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Tomorrow you will come for the removal of the urinary catheter, and the recovery itself will take a few more weeks. During this time, you will take painkillers when you need them, and they will also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. You will need to pay special attention to wound hygiene. You will follow all other instructions that you received from the doctor before and after the operation, as well as on the next check-ups that will be scheduled for you.

6. Are people satisfied after the penile implant procedure?

This of course varies from person to person, but it is considered that over 90 percent of this procedure is successful, which is a very high percentage. So it can be said that most people who have undergone this are satisfied.


Erectile dysfunction should not be taboo. If you notice any problems with this condition, contact your doctor immediately. There is no reason to live with that, when there are various solutions, and the most effective of all is the penile implant procedure.

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