Breastfeeding: 7 Top Myths And Realities

Preparing to become a mother, almost all women look for some information in books, guides for young parents, or surf the Internet. It is a normal desire to learn more about feeding and caring for a newborn baby. Everybody tries to find as much information as possible before the birth of a child to be fully prepared for any kind of situation. But the point is that it is impossible to be prepared for everything. What’s more, you may encounter false information or rumors from people that really have nothing to do with real life. So let’s debunk these myths about breastfeeding. The most common myths about breastfeeding and are they true? 1. Breastfeeding is a complex process that takes a lot of strength and energy Many women complain that breastfeeding takes a long time. Of course, it does, but everything is known in comparison. Take the example of feeding baby formula. You need to go through several stages to feed your baby, as you buy bottles and nipples, sterilize all items, prepare the mixture and still warm it to the right temperature. Moreover, there are cases when it becomes even more demanding, such as when you need to feed […]

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