The Role of Clinical Lab Scientist in Healthcare Industry 2024

The healthcare industry is one of the driving forces behind the nation’s economy. The United States spent a massive $3.5 trillion on health services in 2018. These expenditures will keep increasing as our national healthcare system needs to become more sophisticated. When a layperson thinks of healthcare management, he imagines a doctor or a nurse. Many individuals are working off-screen for the progress of medical science in clinical laboratories. These clinical lab researchers perform essential services to the healthcare industry, vital for its development. Though they don’t provide on-patient care, their diligence gets directed towards behind-the-scenes medical research. Responsibilities of a CLS People used the terms clinical and medical laboratory scientist, interchangeably. When the physician takes your blood sample, a CLS performs various medical operations over it. He/she will analyze it in the clinical laboratory and report the result back to the doctor. So, the picture of a scientist bending over a microscope looking at microorganisms is that of a CLS. These lab tests guide the doctors to make executive decisions regarding your healthcare. A CLS is responsible for: Laboratory tests and analyses Calibration and maintenance of lab equipment Patient diagnosis and treatment Recording and maintaining medical logs/records Monitoring and […]

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