Transform Your Passion for Health Into a Career: Your Guide to Becoming an FNP

A passion for health can emerge in many ways. Not only are there a variety of options that will help you live better and feel better, but you can also help others and dedicate your career to your health passion. From coaching to caring, the options are almost limitless, but some options are certainly better than others. If you want a job that offers you a lot of job security, great pay, and the potential to do so much with your career in terms of where you work and what you do, then one of the top options is to work as a nurse. Family nurse practitioners, in particular, are an excellent role with very high pay (typically in the six figures). As an FNP, you provide holistic, preventative, and diagnostic care for those in a primary care setting. In many states, you can even start your own practice and really make a name for yourself by becoming a business owner. The best way to dedicate your career to health is to become a healthcare practitioner. While doctors require all of their education to occur upfront and then to learn in-person through a residency program, nurses can learn and work […]

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