When should a couple seek the help of a doctor?

When should a couple seek the help of a doctor

Most probably, a couple will want to have a biological child of their own at some juncture. Most couples achieve a state of successful conception within one year of planning a baby. The chances are greatly reduced in the second year. Thus infertility is generally evaluated in terms of a couple’s failure to conceive in a year’s time. If a couple faces problems in conceiving within one year of trying, it is time for medical intervention either the male or the female or both may be responsible for the debacle. It is wise to thoroughly test both of them for the causative factors. Female infertility treatment is readily available in India. .IVF is one such process which comes to the help of many couples dealing with infertility issues. IVF treatment cost is subject to the city, the clinic and the fertility specialist concerned. But in some cases, medical advice may be sought earlier. Such cases include- Irregular menstruation A normal woman ovulates and menstruates within every 21 to 35 days.If the gap between the cycles is greater than 35 days, it means that there is something wrong with her ovulation process. Such a condition needs to be treated as the […]

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