How Do I Get Rid of My Rice Belly?

belly fat

Everyone aspires to have a flat stomach. But losing too much fat on the abdomen can prove to be a hard battle because of factors like diet and lifestyle. With more and more people on the go, having a quick but hearty meal is always convenient. These days, white rice is becoming a popular option; it is filling, easy to cook, and could complement any dish. However, eating too much rice could increase the risk of weight gain and having belly fat. According to Houston plastic surgeon, Dr. Patrick Hsu people who eat too much white rice are more susceptible to storing excess fat around their midsection. “This is because rice is a refined carbohydrate. Consuming it promotes fat storage resulting in the appearance of a ‘rice belly’ along with other health risks such as diabetes and obesity,” he says. For that reason, getting rid of rice belly is helpful not just in giving the appearance of a fit and lean body, but also in improving overall health and well-being. Reducing White Rice The simplest and most obvious solution to get rid of a rice belly is to minimize rice consumption. “Eating refined carbohydrates like plain white rice increases blood […]

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