7 Weight Loss Hacks You Can Try While Working

  If your work requires sitting for extended periods of time – why not use that 9-5 work time to squeeze in some easy office exercises in addition to slimming tea and a healthy balanced diet and try to lower your weight the easy way? A stressful and busy lifestyle leads to irregular meals, unhealthy fast foods, snacks, and inactivity, i.e. sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle can become very problematic and it can stay in the way of your body goals, keeping you away from being fit and healthy. Well, it is time for a change! Scroll through to learn these 7 simple, but effective, weight loss hacks that will help you stay fit while you sit!   Use the stairwell Always take the stairs instead of the elevator! It doesn’t matter if you go slowly (nobody is expecting you to run upstairs or downstairs, obviously you’re not at the gym) as long as you stick with this as your morning routine. You will see the results quickly and be motivated to continue using the stairwell to… a fit body!   Stability ball instead of an office chair Replace your chair with a stability ball. This is the easiest and […]

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