7 Weight Loss Hacks You Can Try While Working


If your work requires sitting for extended periods of time – why not use that 9-5 work time to squeeze in some easy office exercises in addition to slimming tea and a healthy balanced diet and try to lower your weight the easy way? A stressful and busy lifestyle leads to irregular meals, unhealthy fast foods, snacks, and inactivity, i.e. sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle can become very problematic and it can stay in the way of your body goals, keeping you away from being fit and healthy. Well, it is time for a change! Scroll through to learn these 7 simple, but effective, weight loss hacks that will help you stay fit while you sit!


Use the stairwell

Always take the stairs instead of the elevator! It doesn’t matter if you go slowly (nobody is expecting you to run upstairs or downstairs, obviously you’re not at the gym) as long as you stick with this as your morning routine. You will see the results quickly and be motivated to continue using the stairwell to… a fit body!


Stability ball instead of an office chair

Replace your chair with a stability ball. This is the easiest and the best ways to shed some pounds and tone up without even noticing. Sitting on a stability ball will help you strengthen your core, back, and legs and in combination with few sports ball exercises, you will achieve your body goal in no time! The best part is that it actually helps with burning calories, even 100 extra calories a day! When you are ready for a break, just do an exercise or two and you will be more than pleased with the results.


Light (sitting) exercises

Do some light exercises while you’re sitting down. Lightly stretch throughout the day to relax your muscles (and burn a few extra calories). Stretch your arms by crossing one across your body and pulling it closer with the other, and switch, or you can reach up with both hands and stretch your back.

Also, while you’re reaching up you can lean over on both sides to work on your stomach muscles. Stretch your neck, shoulders, wrists; do front-inside-outside toe taps and raises, and calf raises. Make a small training to do list to inspire yourself to stick with the plan.


Stay focused

The most important thing is to be patient and be determined to stay active during your work hours. Focus on the outcome and remember that you are working out because of yourself – your health and your general well-being.

Before opting for a professional weight loss surgery done by experts, you should make sure that you’ve done everything in your power to keep your body’s weight under control.

Bring workout props

A simple workout at your office desk can include small props. For example, you can bring a ball to work, place it between your thighs and squeeze it to tone up your leg muscles while sitting and working. Or you can bring small weights (1kg) and work out those biceps and triceps.

Hydration is essential

Drink more water! Hydrating will help you cleanse your body and get rid of the annoying cellulite. Keep your water bottle nearby at all times to remind you to hydrate. Drinking just over two cups of water increases your metabolic rate by 30 percent in just half an hour. Plus it takes your mind away from craving snacks while working when you’re not hungry. Sipping water throughout the day can help you fight off fatigue, prevent headaches and make you feel better.


Cycling to work

The best way to start being fit without going to the gym is certainly replacing your car with a bike when commuting to your workplace. Not only you will feel more energized after this low impact outdoor morning workout but also you will enjoy the fresh air on your way and burn those breakfast calories. Cycling is one of best ways there is to exercise without actually exercising, so if you really aren’t keen on training you should definitely try the eco-friendly transport/workout option.


Embracing these simple and easy workout hacks will do a lot for your body and your health. It is time to start changing your old ways and find the motivation to get fit! You will feel much better, more energized and ready to deal with stressful work tasks with much more patience. And your body will thank you!

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