Hip Pain Causes & Treatments [The Complete Guide-2019]

Hip Pain Causes & Treatments

The hip joint is probably the most used section of the human body. Whether you want to go to the bathroom, pick up something from the floor or just cough; hip joint gets massively affected. In case of runners and other athletes, there is a lot of impact on the hip joint as they frequently hit their foot against the ground. But, also non-athletes can damage their hip joint either by overusing or underusing it.     In this post, I have listed a few common causes behind the hip pain. I have covered both, the internal and external area of the hip joint. Also, the root cause of your hip pain can be anything from incorrect posture to damage to the cartilage. Hip Pain Causes 1. Hip Fractures It is a fracture in the upper part of the thigh bone. Caused mainly due to high impact injuries occurring in sports, road accidents, etc. In young people, this type of injuries can be difficult to detect in the initial stages as the pain is not severe until things start to aggravate. This is one of the reasons why hip fractures should be taken seriously and any sign of discomfort in that […]

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