Soap vs. Hand Sanitizer – Which One is Better for Disinfection

In the beginning, the pandemic brought us back to our homes and locked us up for a while. What was happening to the world a year ago was a new situation that the world had never encountered before. The pandemic simply showed us the way home and taught us to expect unexpected things. During the time we were all at home and bored, doctors around the world were researching a new type of virus that none of us had witnessed before. Research has begun on how it came to be, how it spreads, how it is transmitted, and how each person needs to be protected. The information they received was quickly spread around the world. The first thing that was said was that it spreads by droplets, ie by small droplets that remain in space for a while and then fall to the ground. In order to protect everyone, it was recommended to reduce communication between people and contacts or if it is impossible to take place at a distance of at least 1.5 meters, with a mask on, with a visor and gloves. In order to get rid of the gloves, it was realized that they are not needed […]

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