4 CPAP Alternatives You Should Consider for Sleep Apnea

There are many health issues that are capable of disrupting the life and comfort of those suffering from it and yet they are not really viewed in the same light as some more serious conditions. If something is not life-threatening or otherwise dangerous for the body, it is often considered a nuance despite actually being quite challenging to live with. One such disorder is called OSA, which stands for obstructive sleep apnea. More commonly referred to as simply sleep apnea, it is a sleeping disorder that affects breathing and is therefore potentially harmful in many different ways. The airways are either partially or completely blocked during sleep, causing different forms of sleeping issues that commonly result in discomforts, constantly waking up, poor sleep quality, and still feeling tired and drowsy no matter how long the sleep was. More About Sleep Apnea Those who have OSA suffer from soft tissue in the back of their throat. Since it relaxes too much while sleeping, it blocks the airway. This problem is significant enough for the brain to make you awake every single time it happens so that your breathing is restarted, resulting in constantly jumping out of sleep. It is a stressful […]

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